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Standardized modules Support end-to-end solutions

GLP Systems offers fully customizable solutions designed based on your laboratory's specific needs. 

Input/ output module (iom)

Loads and unloads sample racks for discharge into the Laboratory Automation System.

Module can be configured to support sample input, output, or both. This provides design flexibility and improved workflow efficiency when automation requirements or preferences change.

Tube assessment module (tam)

Functions as an IOM with the added ability to detect tube characteristics (e.g., cap color, tube weight).

Incorporates features of both the IOM and TAC to help your laboratory streamline workflow and reduce its automation footprint.  

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Bulk loader module (blm)

Serves as bulk loader of non-rack based samples into the Laboratory Automation System. 

Supports fully-automated loading of sealed samples without the need for a rack to improve laboratory workflow. 

Centrifuge module (cm)

Singular programmable centrifuge with integrated cooling unit.

Module can be placed wherever needed on the automation track, and multiple modules can support separate dedicated tasks, such as the processing of STAT or coagulation samples, to support automation design flexibility.   

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Decapper module (dm)

Removes both push and screw caps from incoming primary tubes prior to analysis.

Improves workflow efficiency by eliminating the need for manual cap removal. The module can be easily upgraded to include a second de-capping unit, resulting in double the throughput without increasing footprint.  

Aliquot module (am)

Creates secondary (daughter) tubes with customized labels traceable to the primary sample.

Module ensures the right number of aliquots are made from a sample in a single pass, supporting efficient laboratory function. Aliquot Module can be programmed to create personalized aliquots with labels specific to project requirements.  

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Buffer module (bm)

Streamlines workflows and manages traffic by serving as temporary sample storage unit.

Module releases samples from buffers the moment they are needed to improve sample turnaround time and help the laboratory achieve its key performance indicators.  

Recapper module (rm)

Recaps tubes with a conic plastic cap for short-term storage or within laboratory distribution. 

This scalable solution can be configured with two re-capping units, increasing automation system throughput without increasing space requirements.

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Remover module (rem)

Removes recaps from primary sample tubes (recapper modules conic plastic caps).

Module includes a sensor for tube height detection, avoiding workflow interruptions by ensuring sample tubes are not damaged.

Screw cap module (sccm)

Recaps secondary (daughter) tubes with screw caps for sample transport or long-term storage.

Enables fluid connectivity across multiple departments by ensuring samples are securely capped. 

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Storage module

(archive, loader, and storage)

Archives, stores, retrieves and disposes of samples throughout the analytical and post-analytical processes.

Supports improved laboratory productivity by reducing the needs for manual archival. Customizable to either single or double module configurations to support your laboratory's unique requirements.