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As the health care landscape evolves, the demands placed on laboratories continues to grow. Laboratories face constant pressure to increase test volume and decrease turnaround times - all while managing with fewer resources and increased scrutiny on quality of results

Through ACCELERATOR p540 automation, your laboratory gains:

  • The insights of a trusted automation partner through LEAN qualified laboratory designers, implementation and service teams
  • The efficiency of a solution that maximizes resources and delivers workflow improvements
  • The flexibility to plan for the future, allowing you to scale the system to meet the growing demands of your laboratory
Refer to the operations manual or user guide for warnings, precautions and limitations for proper use of the instrument. 
accelerator p540  
Tube TypesOpen/closed, various diameters
Applicable Primary Tube SizesDiameter: 13mm, 16mm; Height: 100mm, 75mm
Sample IDVision based barcode reader
Sample Barcode FormatsCODE39, ITF, NW-7 (Codabar), CODE128
Sample Loading CapacityAliquoter Module:  Capacity of 200 samples max. (40 racks, 5-position rack) 
Centrifuge Module: Capacity of 290 samples max. (58 racks, 5-position rack)
Output Sorting CapacityAliquoter Module:  Max. capacity of 280 samples (56 racks, 5-position rack) including error position 
Sorter Module: Max. capacity of 400 samples (8 racks, 50-position racks)  
Multiple rack output capable with varying capacity
Sorting DestinationsMultiple
Sample AccessFront
Priority/STAT Sample Bypass LaneAliquoter and Centrifuge Modules: One 5-position rack
Error PositionsYes
Configurable DestinationsYes
Load Consumables While in OperationYes
Compatible with 3rd Party Analyzer RacksSelective
Automated Capping Aliquot (Secondary) TubesNo (push caps available for order)
Primary Tube Recapping/Resealing No
Primary Tube DecappingYes 
Cap Color RecognitionYes, optional module
Tube Type DetectionDetects height, diameter and cap presence/absence
Tube ImagingYes
Sample Integrity Check (HIL Analysis)No
Aliquoting CapabilityYes
Aliquot Volume Per Aspiration200μL – 800μL
Secondary Tube Volume5,000μL Max.
Secondary Tube DimensionsApproximately 13mm x 75mm
Aliquot Tube LabelingDirect printing onto the aliquot tube
Onboard Aliquot Tube Capacity384 (4 x 96 tube trays)
Aliquot Tip Type and PackagingPlastic, 1,000 per cartridge
Onboard Aliquot Tip Capacity1,000
Centrifuge CapabilityYes
Barcode Orientation in Analyzer RacksAliquoter Module:  Yes (secondary tubes only); Sorter Module:  Yes (ARCHITECT carriers only)
100% SortingAliquoter Module:  1,000 tubes/hour; Sorter Module: 600 tubes/hour
100% DecappingUp to 570 tubes/hour; Rubber caps, Overcaps (Hemogard type closures); Screw caps
100% AliquotingUp to 540 tubes/hour (500μL aspirated, 1:1 aliquot)
CentrifugationUp to 300 samples per hour; Selective centrifugation
 Physical Attributes
Dimensions (WxDxH)Aliquoter Module:  W1670mm (65.7”) x D1155mm (45.5”) x H1470mm (57.8”) 
Sorter Module: W1000mm (39.4”) x D850mm (33.5”) x H1473mm (57.9”) 
Centrifuge Module: W1530mm (60.2”) × D850mm (33.5”) × H1470mm (57.9”) 
Aliquoter and Sorter Modules Combined: W3000mm (118.1”) (includes bridge) x D1155mm (45.5”) x H1473mm (57.9”) 
Centrifuge, Aliquoter and Sorter Modules Combined: W4530mm (178.3”) x D2005mm (79.0”) x H2943mm (115.8”)
WeightAliquoter Module:  460kg, 1,012lbs; Sorter Module: 300kg, 661lbs; 
Centrifuge Module: 365kg, 805lbs
Floor ModelYes
Waste Container or Floor Drain RequiredYes for QC module cooler condensate drainage
Power ConsumptionAliquoter Module:  Single phase AC 200-240V +/- 10% 50-60 Hz 2.0kVA 
Sorter Module: Single phase AC 200-240V +/- 10% max. 1.0kVA 
Centrifuge Module: Single phase AC200-240V ± 10% 50/60Hz max. 1.0kVA
Compressed AirNot required 
User Interface19” color touchscreen display
Online InterfaceTCP/IP HL7
LIS ConnectionEthernet, 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX
Data StorageYes
Operating Temperature and Humidity16°-32° C; Humidity 10%-85%RH
Noise<65dBA with aliquoter and sorter modules; ≤68dBA with optional centrifuge module
 Unique Features 
Onboard, Automated QC Sample Storage and Processing16 on board (with cooling function)

Why automation

Why task-targeted automation?

The ACCELERATOR p540 automates primary tube accessioning, decapping, aliquoting, sorting, and centrifugation to improve workflow efficiency for laboratories limited by space or budget. Trust the Accelerator p540 to provide your laboratory with the insights of a trusted partner, the efficiency of a modular solution to maximize resources and deliver workflow improvements, and the flexibility to scale and personalize to meet the growing demands on your laboratory.                                                   


Seamless integration

The ACCELERATOR p540 can connect with the ARCHITECT ci8200, ci16200, c8000 and c16000, for pre-analytic automation that integrates within your laboratory’s overall workflow and ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility. 

Automates sample tube sorting

The ACCELERATOR p540 sorting module is equipped with drawers that can be configured for use with multiple system racks, racks for archiving, or to send out for testing. The ACCELERATOR p540 is personalized to fit your laboratory’s need to save significant staff time and reduce the potential for errors.

Aliquoter module
  • Load samples using 5-position racks
  • Sample identification
  • Decapping
  • Aliquotting
  • Sorting into 5-position racks
 Sorting module
  • 5-position/50-position racks
  • Stago STAR Evolution Expert Series racks
  • Phadia 250 racks
  • IL ACL Top 700 racks
Centrifuge, aliquoter and sorter
  • Configurable spin time and speed
  • Refrigerated
  • Selective centrifugation
  • Self balancing
  • STAT and routine loading
  • Cap detection
Centrifuge, aliquoter, sorter and architect connection
  • Provides enhanced workflow capabilities by automatically loading and unloading sample carriers to the ARCHITECT retest Sample Handler (RSH)
  • Connections to the ARCHITECT ci8200, ci16200, c16000 and c8000 systems


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