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More than business intelligence software - a strategy
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The laboratory balancing act

Today's laboratories face unprecedented changes: increased demand and workload with fewer staff and declining budgets, plus pressure to increase quality under tightened restrictions. Watch the video and see how AlinIQ BIS, the Business Intelligence System from Abbott, can help focus your organization on the right key performance indicators (KPIs).

Intelligent insights

Achieving greater Operational productivity

AlinIQ BIS analyzes your laboratory's processes and data to help you optimize financial performance, achieve sustainability, and become a leading contributor to your institution. This synergistic approach of people, process, and technology uncovers intelligent insights that help put you, your laboratory and your institution on a path of continuous improvement.

Optimize performance


Coach-led sessions help identify common operational challenges that affect performance and align key metrics to support your institution's goals.


Measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) on a simple, effective dashboard, and easily determine if you are on track to meet goals.


Compare your performance to peers, identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and ensure you are working toward the right performance targets.

Market analysis

Gain insights on trends and how they may impact your institution, and learn how to more effectively manage change through stories of peer successes and failures.

Realize your potential

Aliniq digital health solutions 

AlinIQ, the suite of Digital Health Solutions from Abbott, helps you uncover intelligent insights from your laboratory data and discover greater operational productivity with existing resources.

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