CP3000 System - Full Core Lab Integration

Compact and efficient coagulation delivering reliable results.

The harmonized Abbott Core Laboratory streamlines your laboratory operations, increasing efficiency, leading to a rapid turnaround of reliable results, enabling doctors to make conclusions faster and provide premium patient care.

With the CP3000 system as part of the Abbott Core Laboratory solution, your laboratory is fully optimized and supported to help physicians focus on what matters most.

For in vitro diagnostic use only. Not commercially available in all countries.
Connect Systems Across Labs

Abbott provides the expertise of a trusted partner with a harmonized family of innovative systems, assays, and informatics solution to streamline your laboratory operations. Your laboratory secures an analyzer that integrates with the Abbott Core Laboratory solution and a lab partner with the expertise to fully integrate and optimize your workflow. Your laboratory can also add the CP3000 system now as a standalone solution and easily integrate it with other Abbott Core Laboratory systems later.


All ResultS In One Place

The full Abbott Core Laboratory solution allows you to easily view results from one dashboard across all laboratories, helping your laboratory deliver results to physicians quickly and enhance patient care.


The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it simple for the operator to manage constant operation of the CP3000 system for maximum throughput and laboratory efficiency while maintaining high quality. Samples and cuvettes can be easily loaded while the system is in use, which allows for continuous operation and minimal downtime, increasing laboratory efficiency. The powerful and easy-to-use solution delivers results quickly and with high confidence.


Results you can rely on

With an emphasis on quality results and high throughput, the system’s advanced automation comfortably processes up to 400 PT tests per hour and 2.5 minutes to the first PT results. You can get your STAT test faster than ever before.

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Simple & Intuitive

The CP3000 system is designed for easy and efficient operation through the entire laboratory workflow, while maintaining quality. The analyzer’s intuitive software makes this a powerful coagulation system the entire team can operate.

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Flexbile & Compact

Unprecedented throughput to footprint ratio gives your lab an edge in today’s challenging environment. High throughput with a small footprint of 0.44m2, and dedicated STAT lanes for on-demand results make the CP3000 system the optimal solution for the efficient laboratory.

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The CP3000 system delivers reliable results with high throughput demanded by today’s laboratory environment. With onboard reagent stability and a compact footprint, the CP3000 system is designed to improve efficiency of coagulation laboratories.

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CP3000 is a mark of Sekisui Medical Co. Ltd.

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