Why Are Physicians and Laboratories worried about Biotin?

Millions of people are taking biotin for the overall health benefits in hair, skin and nails. However, physicians and labs are concerned because biotin may interferes with immunoassay lab tests that utilize the biotin-streptavidin method and can lead to misdiagnosis or mistreatment.

There are other test methods available, including those provided by Abbott ARCHITECT, that do not involve biotin-streptavidin capture method and therefore are not impacted. 

For more information and the steps to take to eliminate your risk, please help identify your role in the Biotin-care pathway:



Find answers to your questions about biotin and its impact on your laboratory tests.



Find out how to remove the risk of misdiagnosis due to inaccurate results from biotin interference.



Find out how to provide accurate test results not impacted by biotin.

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