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A Unified, Holistic Family of Systems
Delivering Unprecedented Integration


ALignment. INnovation. UnITY. Together, that's "ALINITY," a next-generation family of systems, across key laboratory disciplines, designed to simplify diagnostics and help you deliver results that drive better patient outcomes. Learn more in the video.

Alinity systems are not commercially available in all countries. Contact your sales representative regarding availability in your country.


Achieve Measurably Better Health Care Performance With Our Personalized Solutions

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Resourceful Advocates

Expert teams take a holistic, enterprise-level view to develop personalized solutions for your laboratory.

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Harmonized Systems

A harmonized family of innovative systems — such as Alinity — as well as assays, informatics and automation solutions to streamline your laboratory operations.

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Intelligent Insights

A suite of professional services, supported by informatics enablers, to unlock intelligent insights from your valuable data.

Customer Stories

It's Happening Right Now

See how Alinity and AlinIQ are helping laboratory professionals redefine performance across the world.

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Delivering Solutions Designed By You, For You

Alinity incorporates the attributes you told us were most important to you, and we have applied them to the systems that you use every day. From dealing with reduced budgets and staffing, to ever-changing volume requirements, to ongoing demand for increased throughput, to the need to be sure you're providing consistent, high quality results, Alinity stands ready to move your laboratory forward to meet today's challenges.

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across the laboratory

Alinity Pillar Flexibility Green Icon

to adapt to the changing environment

Alinity Pillar Operational Productivity Green Icon
Operational Productivity

to improve performance and workflow

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in systems and performance

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Helping You Provide Uniformity Across the Laboratory

Standardize operations across your laboratory and network, and optimize your limited staff and resources, all while maintaining high levels of service. Alinity provides an intuitive and universal experience across multiple laboratory disciplines that simplifies touch points and interactions so staff can easily transition from one system to the next. In a world of consolidation, enable a truly harmonized healthcare system.

A Common User Experience and Design for Simple, Intuitive Interactions
Alinity ci-series Instrument Image
Alinity ci-series

Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay System

Alinity h-series*

Integrated Hematology System

Alinity m Instrument Image
Alinity m*


Alinity s Instrument Image
Alinity s

Blood and Plasma Screening

*Alinity h-series is not commercially available in the United States. Alinity m is in development and not commercially available in the United States for diagnostic use. 

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Providing Flexibility to Adapt to the Changing Environment

Easily adapt to the unpredictability of changing laboratory volume with scalable systems and multiple track connectivityoptions across Alinity platforms.* Flexible, scalable systems allow you to easily add modules as your volume grows over time, without having to replace your systems. And with open automation and IT connectivity options such as Instrument Manager and AlinIQ BIS, you can design a personalized solution for your entire laboratory.** All of this will help you respond to the changing needs of the market and your community.


*Alinity m and Alinity h-series track connections are in development.
**AlinIQ BIS is not currently available for blood and plasma screening.

The Alinity ci-series can integrate up to four* modules in varying combinations



*In development and not commercially available. For illustrative purposes only. 

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Delivering Operational Productivity to Improve Performance and Process flow

Alinity leverages powerful technology to redefine and improve operational productivity in your laboratory. Alinity allows you to more efficiently and effectively address limited space and increasing demand in your laboratory. Alinity has been designed to maximize the throughput in a more compact footprint. Additionally, Alinity allows your staff more walkaway time, so they can focus on other critical tasks.

Increase Throughput in a Smaller, More Compact Footprint


Alinity Green Background Image

Providing Confidence in Systems and Performance

Alinity helps you continually provide consistent, high-quality service and results through error-proof design elements and proven technology that minimize the frustration of repeat testing, system downtime, and medical errors. Additionally, you can rely on our high-quality assays with proven technology harmonized to CLSI guidelines, ensuring clear performance parameter definitions. And with predictive system monitoring through AlinIQ Always On, our professional services can proactively monitor the health of your systems and help you avoid unexpected downtime .

Error-proof design elements and color coding help
avoid potential repeat testing and downtime

Alinity Bottles Image Showcasing Color Coding and Lock and Key Features

Alinity, A Family of Harmonized Systems Across Key Laboratory Disciplines


Designed to Help You Achieve
Measurably Better Health Care Performance


A Unified, holistic family of systems delivering unprecedented integration,
enabling you to redefine performance in your laboratory and your institution.
*Alinity hq or hs are not commercially available in the United States. Alinity m is in development and not commercially available in the United States for diagnostic use. i-STAT Alinity is not commercially available in the United States. 

See What Alinity Can Do For You

Alinity ci-series

Integrated Clinical Chemistry & Immunoassay System

Combines the power of integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay systems in multiple combinations to meet your laboratory's needs.

Discover More

Alinity ci-series Instrument Image
Alinity c Instrument Image

Alinity c

Clinical Chemistry

A compact, clinical chemistry system that maximizes throughput of photometric and potentiometric assays.

Alinity i Instrument Image

Alinity i


A compact, immunoassay system that maximizes throughput utilizing CHEMIFLEX chemiluminescence technology.

Alinity PRO


A web-based software providing centralized monitoring to enhance the operational efficiency of Alinity systems throughout your network.*

Discover More

Alinity PRO Instrument Computer Software Screen Image

Working Together to Deliver Greater Operational Productivity

Today's health care challenges are unprecedented. Unlocking the power in your data can help. But making investments in only technology is not enough. AlinIQ is an integrated solution that combines professional expertise, robust processes and proprietary informatics enablers to deliver greater operational productivity with your existing resources. Used together with Alinity, AlinIQ helps you extract intelligent insights from your operational data, so you can better manage the flow of data across your network.

Explore AlinIQ

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