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Optimizing laboratory performance with advanced informatics
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Patient safety is at stake for every diagnosis

Medical laboratories are expected to deliver the highest quality for every test result, every shift, every day—while lowering their operating costs. As clinical expectations for quality increase, laboratories need advanced tools to manage quality and ensure accreditation.

Laboratories face challenges everyday

Laboratories are continuously challenged to impact clinical outcomes, increase operational efficiency, and improve financial results. Common questions across institutions include: Are physicians confident in the consistent quality of test results? How can laboratories use the latest informatics tools to continue improving productivity? And how will laboratories optimize performance to increase asset and labor utilization?

Positively impact the entire institution

The power of informatics

Informatics is the central nervous system of well-managed medical laboratories. To improve operational efficiency and lower operating costs, laboratories are designing new workflow processes that are reliable, repeatable and scalable. To support these processes, laboratories of all sizes continue to invest in the latest software, hardware and training. Health systems need to ensure their laboratory informatics platforms are up to date in order to provide maximum value. 

Intelligent insights

Transform your laboratory with experts — AlinIQ Digital Health Solutions can help laboratories impact clinical outcomes, increase operational efficiency and improve financial results.


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