With intelligent laboratory insights, there are no limits

discover greater operational productivity

Today's health care challenges are unprecedented. Unlocking the power in your data can help. But making investments in only technology is not enough.

About 40% of technology projects are abandoned and/or fail. Without world-class support, solution optimization is only a dream. Aligned with your goals, our professional service experts, along with our robust processes and informatics enablers, help you look at your enterprise in a whole new light, propelling you ahead of the ever-changing health care ecosystem.



Professional Services Three Key Elements


AlinIQ Expertise

Our Professional Services Executives provide intelligent insights and collaboratively develop customized solutions that improve your laboratory performance.


AlinIQ Process

Since change is the one constant in the dynamic health care environment, we apply our robust process to continuously analyze and monitor your data to uncover actionable insights that can transform your laboratory's productivity.


AlinIQ Enablers

Based on the insights, we recommend the optimal solution from our suite of proprietary informatics enablers:

AlinIQAMS_338x35.png AlinIQAlwaysOn_338x35.png AlinIQBIS_338x35.png AlinIQIMS_338x35.png AlinIQCDS_338x35.png

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US middleware solution is Instrument Manager. Instrument Manager is a trademark of Data Innovations.
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Challenges AlinIQ Can Help You Solve
Harmonize Data

Disparate I.T. systems often lack functionality to drive efficiency. This can result in the need for extra support staff and the use of systems with different processes for data management and workflow.

Maximize Throughput and Optimize Capacity

Volume increases and changes in the test mix, without additional budget, can cause challenges to meeting productivity goals.

Reduce Unexpected Downtime

Unexpected instrument failure disrupts production of results and reduces staff productivity.

Optimize Inventory and Ensure Product Availability

Manual inventory management causes ordering errors, poor inventory rotation, excessive shipping fees, consumable waste, assay shortages–with too many resources managing inventory.

Improve Operational Expense Performance

Decentralized information and poor understanding of data may lead to challenges in decision making to meet the laboratory’s operational and financial performance goals that affect the broader health care system.

Increase Test Result Confidence

Manual review of patient results by instrument-centric processes can cause delays and human errors in validation, affecting confidence in test results.


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