CELL-DYN Sapphire Hematology Analyzer

The Tests You Need and the Flexibility You Want


CELL-DYN Sapphire’s trusted analysis helps you focus the most important part of your work: supporting excellent patient care. Behind every sample is an anxious patient or family awaiting a decision. We help you achieve accurate first pass results, because whether the decision contributes to a diagnosis, change in therapy, or transfusion, there is little room for error.

By helping to reduce sample reruns, reflex testing, turnaround time, and smear review rates, the CELL-DYN Sapphire allows you to maximize productivity and lower laboratory costs. With the ability to perform 105 CBCs per hour, you’re able to process a full range of normal to abnormal patient samples in your laboratory. When you’re confident in your first pass results, you can be confident in the speed and quality patient care.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Proprietary MAPSS Technology Delivers Robust Results

Our Multi Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS) technology, only available with CELL-DYN analyzers, delivers first pass WBC and differential results by using laser measurement of up to 20,000 WBCs with four angles of optical analysis from a single dilution.


Extended WBC Mode for Critical Samples

Even when WBC counts are critically low, you can rely on the extended WBC mode to still deliver a 5-part differential.

Only 4-5 Required Reagents for Laboratory Efficiency

While some systems can require as many as 12 reagents for standard tests, the CELL-DYN Sapphire can run most tests with only 4-5 reagents, improving laboratory efficiency and helping to manage costs.

Reliable NRBCs and Optical Platelets on First Pass

With no additional reagents, reportable NRBCs and optical platelets are included with each and every CBC. NRBCs are measured by DNA fluorescence and require no correction for the WBC count. Optical platelets are obtained through dual angle laser analysis, providing separation from RBCs and other interferences, giving you confidence in your results.

Confident Transfusions with CD61 Analysis

When the need for low-end platelet accuracy is paramount, clinicians can depend on the gold standard CD61 analysis provided by the CELL-DYN Sapphire. Confirmation at the critical medical decision point ensures that your patients get the transfusions they need.


CD3/4/8 Panel with Automated Gating

The CELL-DYN Sapphire is also capable of accurately performing the common flow cytometry panel CD3/4/8 with automated gating, which not only moves a specialty test into routine laboratory operations available on-demand, but also makes room in the flow cytometry laboratory to focus on more specialty testing.

Menu expansion with Open Flow Monoclonal Assays

OpenFlow Assays can be added to the menu, using fluorescence and light scatter plus monoclonal antibodies from a third party. OpenFlow assays for WBC, RBC, and/or PLT (RUO) allow you the flexibility to expand laboratory offerings to include others tests that may normally require a specialty laboratory.


Confidence in results for normal and speciality tests

CELL-DYN Sapphire offers an expanded test menu beyond the traditional CBC, enabling your medical technologists the flexibility to handle a breadth of samples and specialty tests.

These specialty tests can be performed without any additional equipment, utilizing only 4-5 reagents, further maximizing efficiencies for laboratories

A Trusted partner for integrated laboratories

The CELL-DYN Sapphire seamlessly integrates with other Abbott diagnostics systems, making it an optimal instrument for today’s connected laboratories.

You also get the company and people behind it - Abbott Diagnostics. We  provide a comprehensive, proactive diagnostics service plan, backed by our 125-year history and robust ecosystem of people, processes and technology that helps keep your hematology system up and running.


Maximum Throughput (Autoloader Mode)

CBC: 105 per hour 

CBC + RETC: 69 per hour


Sample Volume

Open Mode 120 μL, Sample Loader 120 μL


Only 5 reagents including reticulocytes


WBC and differential

4 angle optical MAPSS plus 3-color fluorescent flow cytometry, Multiple Scatterplot Analysis


4 angle optical MAPSS plus red fluorescence; no extra reagent, no reflex testing requirement; Multiple Scatterplot Analysis


Dual angle optical analysis, no extra reagent, no reflex testing requirement


Patented RNA fluorescent flow cytometry, random and continuous access


Immuno T-Cell (CD3/4/8) reagent; Immuno Plt (CD61) assay

Display Range

 WBC 0.0-250.0 x 103/μL (No interference of HGB)


 0.0-7.50 x 106/μL


 1.0-25.0 g/dL (Cyanide free)


 37.0-179 fL


 0.0-2000.0 x 103/μL


 0.0-1500.0 x 103/μL

 Data Management

Linux operating system, 10,000 specimen storage with graphics, 25 QC files each with 120 data points. Levey-Jennings graphs. Moving Average programs. Westgard rules. Delta Check. Paired difference. Auto Calibration. Upload/Download of QC data. Rules based auto validation. Transfer of scatter plots. Multiple printer options. 
System control center  Color monitor, keyboard, and mouse 



30 x 48 x 32 inches

76.2 x 121.9 x 81.3 centimeters


375 pounds

170.1 kilograms

Electrical requirements*  VAC 100-240V, 47/63Hz 
Maximum power consumption*  900 watts 
 *Analyzer only  


Controls and Calibrators

CELL-DYN hematology controls are assayed at 3 levels (low, normal, and high) to meet your laboratory's quality control needs. Abbott offers global inter-laboratory quality control peer group monitoring reports.

control/calibrator stability
CELL-DYN 29 Plus Control (With Retic) Open Vial: 7 days
CELL-DYN HemCal Plus Calibrator Open Vial: 5 days

Hematology & Hemostasis Academy
Personalized and relevant educational resources to help keep you informed of the latest hematology laboratory topics, including clinical approaches and technologies. We offer a wide range of courses, case studies, how-to videos and webinars tailored to deliver a unique educational experience.

Start Learning

Accessories and Consumables

From power cords to tubing, you can access a full list of CELL-DYN Sapphire accessories and consumables for easy ordering through your online account.



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We are dedicated to helping you achieve fast, accurate, and cost effective hematology testing.

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