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Total value of ownership

Do you know the total value that lies
within and beyond your
Laboratory walls?


In today’s healthcare environment, leaders are increasingly asked to demonstrate value in terms of operational and clinical care excellence across their healthcare institution. The clinical laboratory is viewed as an important contributor to key performance indicators, and as a result, laboratory managers want to maximize the value that the laboratory brings to their institutions.

The concept of Total Value of Ownership (TVO) considers all aspects of a laboratory’s processes and equipment and identifies areas where improvements can be made to maximize value. When the laboratory delivers services to its full potential, it can help improve outcomes system-wide, enabling the institution to make a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Learning objectives

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the Total Value of Ownership (TVO) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) methodologies,
  • Understand how you can apply these methodologies to improve your laboratory’s operational performance and maximize its value to the organization, and
  • Hear first-hand experiences, like: a TVO-based analysis conducted by Abbott for the Korea Clinical Laboratory, and a comparative TCO analysis of 5 leading analytical platforms, including the Alinity ci-series, performed by an independent laboratory.

Speaker bios

Patrick Gontard

Group CEO, Labexa group, France; CEO and Founder, Gontard and Cie, Switzerland

Patrick Gontard possesses more than 25 years of medical industry experience, in a variety of senior leadership roles across laboratories, hospitals, and professional medical associations. Known as a subject matter expert on the topic of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Mr. Gontard has developed and implemented a TCO model, which has been applied in laboratory settings to become an evidence based, real life management tool for calculating and controlling costs related to laboratory and hospital operational efficiency.

More about patrick gontard

Responsible for restructuring and management, including commercial and scientific leadership in various laboratories throughout Europe and the Middle East, Mr. Gontard's TCO methodology has helped to uncover and quantify hidden or indirect costs and deliver operational efficiencies and improvements in profitability. Patrick has perfected his Total Cost of Ownership model over the years, working for organizations such as Viollier the second largest Swiss laboratory group, Integrated Diagnostics in Egypt, Citilab the second largest laboratory group in Russia, and currently is the laboratory CEO at Exalab in France.

Paul Clarke

Director of Strategy,

Abbott Diagnostics 

Paul Clarke is the Strategy Director for Abbott Diagnostics, Asia Pacific. Paul has more than 20 years of experience in Asia Pacific, 14 of which have been in the Medical Industry. He has specialized in the area of Value Based Healthcare, helping hospitals and laboratories quantify the financial and operational benefits of purchasing based on Total Value of Ownership (TVO).

More about paul clarke

In his role at Abbott Diagnostics, he has implemented and delivered TVO models, which have been applied in both public and private laboratory settings to become evidence based, healthcare management tools for calculating and controlling costs and delivering and quantifying value both inside the laboratory and beyond. The TVO methodology has helped healthcare institutions develop procurement models which facilitate better purchasing decisions by reducing risk and unlocking value, resulting in an overall reduction in the cost of healthcare.

Jose Santiago   

Global Marketing Manager for Alinity ci-series Immunoassay and Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Abbott Diagnostics 

Jose Santiago joined Abbott in 2003 as a Technical Support scientist for Immunoassays on Abbott's legacy platforms, TDx and AxSYM. Since then, he has held several roles throughout the organization, including Operations, R&D, Scientific Affairs in Latin America and Canada, and most recently, Global Marketing. Currently, Jose leads the marketing team responsible for bringing to market assays for the Alinity ci-series.

More about jose santiago

Jose received his Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology Microbiology from the University of Central Florida and a Doctorate degree in Biological Sciences from Northwestern University.


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