Is your laboratory demonstrating its true value?

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Total Value Of Ownership

Positioning the laboratory as a Value center

Today’s clinical laboratory faces increased patient volumes, a rise in chronic illnesses and more educated patients demanding real-time information — all leading to rising costs. As a result, laboratories are often an easy target for budget cuts because decision makers are focused more on cost instead of total value.

To remain viable, laboratories must deliver value above and beyond their ability to contribute to positive patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Analyzing the laboratory from a new perspective and methodology, Total Value of Ownership (TVO), can unlock a wealth of possibilities.

Total value of ownership and total cost of ownership

In a laboratory context, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an estimate of all direct costs and indirect costs associated with acquiring and operating an instrument throughout its lifetime. TVO builds on TCO and complements lean six sigma processes to produce the best outcomes for the entire healthcare system over the lifetime of an instrument or solution.

In the article, Is Your Laboratory Demonstrating Its True Value?,  you can learn more about how three different laboratories from around the world applied the TVO methodology and how it helped them to reach their goals.


Webinar: Total Value of Ownership

Watch the webinar to hear from experts how you can realize the value within and beyond your laboratory walls with a TVO approach. 

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