Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay and Integrated Systems To Transform Your Laboratory

The Alinity ci-series consists of compact, scalable systems to maximize throughput and efficiency, making today's high-performing laboratories run at their best, today and into the future.

Alinity systems are not commercially available in all countries. Contact your sales representative regarding availability in your country.

Alinity ci-series Instrument Image
Alinity c Clinical Chemistry Instrument Image

Alinity c

Clinical Chemistry

Maximizes the throughput of photometric and potentiometric assays.

Alinity i Immunoassay Instrument Image

Alinity i


Utilizes proven CHEMIFLEX chemiluminescent detection technology with innovative design to maximize throughput.

Alinity ci-series Instrument Image

Alinity ci-series

Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay SYSTEM

Combines the power of integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay systems in unprecedented, innovative combinations to meet your laboratory's needs.

Alinity Customer Stories

Antoni Jurasz University Hospital in Bydgoszcz, POLAND

See how the  Alinity next-generation family of systems helped a laboratory in Poland simplify diagnostic processes and drive better patient outcomes.

Read Their Story
Alinity Story from Antoni Jurasz University Hospital in Poland              





See how the Alinity ci-series helped a laboratory in Rome, Italy increase their productivity in less space.


Alinity ci-series designed to deliver:

Alinity Uniformity Icon


Provides a COMMON USER EXPERIENCE by standardizing operations in your laboratory and across your network through common, intuitive processes across systems.

  • User-driven design
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface
Alinity Flexibility Icon


Based upon SCALABLE SYSTEMS that help you adapt to day-to-day and long-term unpredictability of changing laboratory volumes.

  • Integrate up to four modules in varying configurations
  • Multiple-track connectivity options
  • Open informatics and automation
  • Fully scalable configurations to meet evolving laboratory needs
Alinity Operational Productivity Icon

Operational Productivity

Delivers Maximum Throughput in A Smaller Footprint to allow you to utilize your laboratory's space to its fullest potential.

  • Provides more tests per square meter
  • Increased sample and reagent load-up capacity
  • Continuous reagent access
Alinity Confidence Icon


Provides consistent, QUALITY ASSAY PERFORMANCE to give you confidence in the results you deliver.

  • Error-proof design elements that safeguard against erroneous results
  • High-quality assays with proven technology and design
  • Assay harmonization to CLSI guidelines, ensuring clear performance parameter definitions
Blue Background Image

Quality Assays Designed to Maintain and Grow Your High-Performing Laboratory

Our broad menu of differentiated assays delivers consistent, commutable results across systems that may improve clinical decision making and patient outcomes. The Alinity ci-series assays are harmonized to CLSI guidelines, ensuring clear performance parameter definitions.

Assay Menu (PDF, 2 MB)


Simplify and streamline interactions with systems thoughtfully designed around the way you work.

Innovative, User-Driven Design

Alinity System Software Image

System Software

Seamlessly work across systems with common, intuitive, easy-to-use software.

Alinity Pretreatment Path Image

Dedicated Pretreatment Path

A dedicated pretreatment path allows continuous processing of routine and STAT immunoassays without compromise to turnaround times.

Alinity Continuous Access Image

Continuous Access to Reagents and Supplies

Continually load and unload supplies, no need to stop or pause the system. Load on the fly while the system continues to run.

Alinity Load-Up Capacity Image

Increased Load-Up Capacity

Load up to 150 samples and up to 70 clinical chemistry or 47 immunoassay reagents per module.

Alinity Priority Sample Processing Image

Priority Sample Processing

Flexible options prioritize the most critical samples based on your workflow.

Alinity Reagent and Sample Manager Image

Reagent and Sample Manager

Deliver samples, reagents and other solutions to any module with a single random-access robotic transport system without compromising STATs.

Alinity Error-Proof Reagent Loading Image

Error-Proof Reagent Loading

Prevent reagent mix-ups, retesting and probe crashes with built-in safeguards.

Alinity On-Board Calibrators and Controls Image

Onboard Calibrators and Controls

Load bar-coded calibrators and controls at any time, store them on the system, and automatically run them at user-defined intervals.

Alinity System Control Module Image

System COntrol Module

Control all modules of an integrated system from a single control unit.

Alinity Pro: Centralized Management Across Your Alinity Systems

Alinity PRO Dual Monitor Image

Designed to fully maximize your systems' potential. Alinity PRO software works with Alinity systems to enhance operational productivity throughout your network, allowing for easier and consolidated system monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Alinity PRO is designed with:

  • Consolidated Real-Time Dashboards to enable staff to capitalize on system "walkaway time" via immediate notifications.
  • Forward-looking Plan My Day Checklists to help minimize interruptions.
  • Inventory Sharing to share reagents between systems to help minimize waste and easily track tests and expirations.

Working Together to deliver Greater Operational Productivity

Today's health care challenges are unprecedented. Unlocking the power in your data can help. But making investments in only technology is not enough. AlinIQ is an integrated solution that combines professional expertise, robust processes and proprietary informatics enablers to deliver greater operational productivity with your existing resources. Used together with Alinity, AlinIQ helps you extract intelligent insights from your operational data, so you can better manage the flow of data across your network.

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