Accelerator a3600

Harmonized systems with open automation

As a major component of the End to End solution, ACCELERATOR a3600 utilizes open connectivity to create process efficiencies in the core laboratory by automating inefficient manual processes.

Elevate the potential of your laboratory

Elevate your laboratory's performance to the next level - empowering you to aim higher and achieve new standards.

Tap into your full potential with a trusted partner 

 Your laboratory is unique. Our technical solution design teams are imaginative problem solvers who use lean expertise to streamline and simplify workflows which are uniquely tailored to your laboratory. You can be confident that with the Insights gained from our experience, you can meet the demands upon your laboratory with less risk and ensure continuity of services to your patients and physicians.

Adapt to changing demands with nearly infinite possibilities

Change is constant. Adapting to change requires flexibility. From bespoke designs to acceptance of a wide range of sample tubes to open connectivity, you can be confident that Abbott's automation systems provide the Flexibility to meet changing demands.

Meet or exceed critical Key Performance Indicators with confidence 

Meeting required metrics is critical to success. Ensuring that your lab is efficient and safe is necessary to meet your key performance indicators consistently. Using integrated software and hardware with automation to reduce manual processes and waste, reduce opportunities for exposure to biohazards and optimize the use of space will help you to meet or exceed your critical key performance indicators with confidence.


Accelerator a3600

Total laboratory automation (TLA) systems can maximize operational efficiency, when used in conjunction with LEAN principles, giving your laboratory the flexibility, configurability, and error reducing opportunities needed to allow trained technologists to focus on providing high quality patient results.


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