Hematology analyzers & systems

Hematology analyzers & systems
Hematology analyzers & systems
Hematology analyzers & systems

At Abbott, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality results. We understand how critical it is for your hematology laboratory to deliver the right result the first time, reducing manual reviews to allow your valuable laboratory resources to focus on the most critical tasks. 

We offer a complete portfolio of hematology solutions, including automated analyzers, a slide maker stainer as well as reagents, calibrators and controls for laboratories with diverse testing volumes. In addition to our hematology analyzers and systems, our total hematology solution encompasses dedicated customer service and personalized educational resources that are designed to improve your laboratory’s performance in today’s changing healthcare environment.

Why Abbott

The Alinity h-series represents the next generation hematology solution, which is part of the Alinity family of harmonized systems.

Expert teams take a holistic, enterprise-level view to develop personalized solutions for laboratories.

A harmonized family of innovative systems, assays and automation solutions that streamline laboratory operations.

Digital health solutions unlock data across the entire diagnosis cycle to present intelligent insights.

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Tools and Techniques to Optimize Your Hematology Laboratory's QC Strategy

Analyzers & systems

High Volume




Alinity h-series

Integrated hematology system designed to streamline workflow in high-volume hematology laboratories.

Mid Volume

Hematology analyzer with advanced capabilities for mid-volume laboratories.



CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL
Automated hematology analyzer delivering 5-part differential for low- to mid-volume laboratories.

Low Volume

CELL-DYN Emerald 22
Compact hematology analyzer delivering 5-part differential for low-volume laboratories.



CELL-DYN Emerald
Compact hematology analyzer delivering reliable 3-part differentials for low-volume laboratories.

Hematology resources


Access live and on-demand complimentary educational webinars led by prominent doctors, subject matter experts, and Abbott's professionals. Gain important insight from industry trends, medical discoveries, health technologies, and much more.

White papers & case studies

Our library of white papers and case studies help keep you abreast of the latest information in laboratory science and provide best practice examples of how integrated clinical care teams have identified challenges and addressed them in collaborative ways to achieve measurably better healthcare performance.

Hematology Learning guides

Several learning guides covering the fundamentals of the hematology laboratory developed to help seasoned clinical laboratory personnel refresh their knowledge, or provide introductory concepts for those that are new to laboratory medicine.

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