CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology Analyzer

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There are no second chances

You don’t have time for additional maintenance and extra steps. Your laboratory needs to perform quickly and accurately. Improve your efficiency and standardize laboratory processes for consistency for all of your laboratory employees.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Cell-dyn ruby gets you the results needed, quickly

For reliable performance that leads to quality results—the first time—CELL-DYN Ruby delivers and outperforms similar tools. With advanced capabilities for the medium-sized laboratory, you can process more complete blood counts in less time.

Less time means more resources for critical tasks

The CELL-DYN Ruby reduces the need for microscopic blood smear reviews and repeat testing. Optical technology allows you to allocate resources and ultimately improve your laboratory's efficiency.

Consistency, where and when it matters

The CELL-DYN Ruby allows you to improve your efficiency by providing rules-based annotations to standardize laboratory processes. This provides consistency in result handling among all your laboratory personnel.

Intuitive and simple software offers convenience and flexibility

The touch-screen interface is straightforward, easy-to-use, and offers customizable views and handy tool tips to optimize the operator's experience. Routine tasks such as reagent and maintenance monitoring are automated, and non-routine tasks, such as calibration, are assisted by the software. Maintenance is simple to perform with the help of on-board videos.

Accurate, first-pass optical platelet results

The CELL-DYN Ruby two-angle optical platelet count accurately enumerates and sizes to help ensure first pass reportable results, all while reducing additional testing.

Efficient laboratory operations

With only three reagents needed to perform a complete blood count (CBC) with 5-part WBC differential analysis, you'll free up operator time to focus on providing patient care.

Precise and accurate

CELL-DYN Ruby’s three-dimensional optical red blood cell measurement technology ensures reliable, accurate and precise performance for your hematology workload.

Maximum Throughput (Autoloader Mode)CBC + Differential: Up to 84 per hour
Sample VolumeOpen Mode 150 μL, Sample Loader 230 μL
ReagentsOnly 4 reagents including reticulocytes
TechnologyWBC and differential4 angle optical MAPSS Multiple Scatterplot Analysis
PlateletsDual angle optical analysis, no extra reagent, no reflex testing requirement
ReticulocytesNew Methylene Blue NCCLS method, supravital staining technique
Analytical Measurement RangesWBC0.02–246.8 x 103/μL 
RBC0.00–7.50 x 106/μL
HGB0.0–25.0 g/dL
MCV58–139 fL
PLT0.0–3000 x 103/μL
MPV4.3-17.2 fL
Data ManagementWindows®-based operating system. Rules-based result annotations. Full on-board QC package. Levey-Jennings plots. Moving Averages. Westgard rules. 10,000 results stored with graphics. Auto calibration online guide.
System Control CenterA single computer with color touch-screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • Height - 19.25 inches (49.9 cm)
  • Width - 34 inches (86.4 cm)
  • Depth - 30.25 inches (76.8 cm)

232 pounds (105.2 kilograms)

Electrical Requirements* VAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption*550 watts
*Analyzer only.


REagent descriptionsSize and List Number
WBC Lyse3.8 L cubitainer (08H52-01)
Diluent / Sheath20 L cubitainer (01H73-01)
CN free HGB / NOC Lyse3.8 L cubitainer (03H80-02)
Reticulocyte5.0 mL tubes, each tube containing 3.7 mL of reagent (03H40-01)

Controls and Calibrators

CELL-DYN 26 Plus ControlOpen Vial: 8 days
CELL-DYN Retic Plus ControlOpen Vial: 14 days
CELL-DYN 29 Plus Control (With Retic)Open Vial: 7 days
CELL-DYN HemCal Plus CalibratorOpen Vial: 5 days

Hematology Academy
Personalized and relevant educational resources to help keep you informed of the latest hematology laboratory topics. We offer a wide range of courses, case studies, how-to videos and webinars tailored to deliver a unique educational experience.

Refer to the operations manual or user guide for warnings, precautions and limitations for proper use of the instrument.

Accessories and consumables

From power cords to tubing, you can access a full list of CELL-DYN Ruby accessories and consumables for easy ordering through your online account.

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