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For more than 40 years Abbott has been dedicated to meeting your Clinical Chemistry needs. Significantly more tests are run in Clinical Chemistry than other areas of core lab, making it critical to your laboratory's success1. Our advanced products give you the power to address the challenges of your laboratory without compromising on quality or efficiency. 

Discover hidden costs with total value of ownership

Today's healthcare systems face many challenges. As a result, laboratories are under pressure to adapt quickly and demonstrate value.

Most laboratories consider only traditional operating costs. Abbott works with you to develop personalized solutions that maximize efficiencies and allow you to demonstrate true value. Our Total Value of Ownership methodology gives you the power to broaden the scope of  your laboratory's value by considering many factors that lead to hidden costs. 

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Optimize your clinical chemistry productivity

Maximize throughput in a more compact footprintrely on six sigma qualityrespond to changing needscount on leading assay performancehave confidence in thoughtful design
Higher throughput per square meter than other leading systems improves efficiency while maintaining flexibility.2
86% of Abbott's Clinical Chemistry assays tested achieved Six Sigma performance.3
With instrument solutions available from both Alinity and Architect product lines, you can easily scale and customize to meet the evolving needs of your laboratory.Optimized assays deliver consistent, comparable results across harmonized systems.With Alinity, error-proof reagent loading and continuous access minimizes downtime and increases walk-away-time.2,3,5

unlock the true
value of your clinical
chemistry decisions

Our instruments


Compact, scalable systems to maximize throughput and efficiency, making today's high-performing laboratories run at their best today and into the future.


ARCHITECT clinical chemistry analyzers provide the high-quality, consistent STAT results, and ease of use your laboratory demands from it's analyzers. 

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Learning guides

The learning guide series consists of educational modules focusing on crucial topics that help build key laboratory competencies. 

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Total value of ownership (TVO)

Total Value of Ownership: Why it matters and how it can help position the laboratory as a value center.

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