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Today's healthcare systems face many challenges

Clinical chemistry Core laboratory

57% of core lab testing is clinical chemistry volume, making clinical chemistry assay performance critical to your laboratory’s success.1 With 40+ years of experience in Clinical Chemistry, personalized solutions from Abbott empower you to address the challenges facing your laboratory.

Sigma strong benefits

Total value Of ownership

In six sigma clinical chemistry results2

Assay productivity
Through assay And system design

Total value of ownership


Personalized solutions that maximize efficiencies and demonstrate true value

Our Total Value of Ownership (TVO) methodology gives you the power to broaden the scope of your laboratory's value by considering many factors that lead to hidden costs.

Improved turnaround times

17% decrease in turnaround time demonstrated in a workflow analysis at Christus Health a global healthcare system.3

Automated calibration and qc

Our experience workflow flexibility and labor savings with onboard calibrators and controls on the Alinity ci-series that can run at intervals you choose.

Reduced qc frequency

Avoid unnecessary expenses due to reduced operator interventions and decreased sample volume requirement.



Six sigma assays

86% of Abbott’s clinical chemistry assays achieve Six Sigma quality giving Abbott the highest proportion of Six Sigma Assay.2

Consistent delivery of accurate test results2

"With Abbott Clinical Chemistry, laboratories can expect excellent or world-class performance."

- Sten Westgard, Westgard QC, Inc.

Learn about quality-driven next generation assay design

Assay productivity

Achieve consistent results and common user experience

Smartwash technology

Minimize sample-to-sample carryover to ≤0.1 ppm, which reduces operator intervention and ensures confidence in results that influence patient care.

The study validated that alinity c mitigated carryover by achieving the defined acceptance criteria of ≤0.1 ppm

Harmonized assays, instrumentation and automation

Achieve consistent, commutable results and user experience across instrument platforms.4

Ict module

Avoid unnecessary expenses due to reduced operator interventions and decreased sample volume requirements.

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Contact your Abbott representative and discover how Abbott can help you achieve
confidence, assay productivity, and total value of ownership.

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