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Laboratory Automation Solution

To help your laboratory thrive today and, in the future, Abbott is pleased to introduce GLP systems Track—an innovative total laboratory automation solution, offering you proven technology with greater flexibility and options to meet your high-volume needs.

 **GLP systems Track is not approved for use in U.S. blood donor and plasma testing laboratories.

Scalable solutions providing a broad range of laboratory automation needs


Easily modify your track, keep walkways open, and design a personalized solution for your laboratory.


Minimize track implementation time and receive more efficient service and training.


Maximize uptime, optimize workflow, and decrease turnaround time.

Freedom To Change

Break free from the risk and rigidity of unchangeable automation with GLP systems Track. Experience the freedom to change with a track design that is easy to modify.

Interlocking track components

Whether your volume grows, or testing demands change, easily support any track layout today and in the future.

Open approach to instrument connectivity

Achieve total laboratory integration by designing a personalized solution for your entire laboratory.

Spirals and elevated track segments

Design your laboratory in three dimensions.

Simplicity through intuitive design

Pre-assembled modules and standardized components support on-time go-live and the delivery of more efficient service and training. 

Pre-assembled modules

Minimize track implementation and installation time to ensure an on-time go-live.

Standardized components

Modules come in two variants (80 cm or 40 cm) for enhanced flexibility in design and scalability.

Consistent user experience

The simplified user interface of GLP systems Track modules supports the easy identification of where tubes are loaded, sample type and status and tube destination.

Excellence in performance

Intelligent CAR sample-transport technology and smart software architecture allow you to achieve and sustain maximum uptime and optimize your laboratory’s performance.

Intelligent car sample transport

Provide infinite redundancy and maximize uptime — the “track” is never down.

Smart software infrastructure

Intelligently designed software allows your automation system to continue running, even if a module is down.

A full range of automation modules

Optimize workflow and decrease turnaround time with dynamic sample management.

Explore GLP systems track automation

View the complete range of modules to explore what could be right for your laboratory.

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Speak with a representative from Abbott to learn more about how proven, innovative automation Technology can help your laboratory thrive.

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