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The future of cardiovascular disease prevention: a risk registry approach

We explore the potential benefits of using cardiac troponins as an early tool for predicting future risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), even in apparently healthy individuals.

The economist - egpyt's path to eliminating hepatitis

The prevalence of Hepatitis C in Egypt was unlike any other country in the world. Discover why Egypt now appears to be on the path to successfully eliminating viral Hepatitis and how their approach can offer valuable lessons to other countries.

The economist - taking aim the policy response to viral hepatitis in uganda

There is evidence that viral Hepatitis is a growing danger in Uganda. However, a lack of data made it difficult to create a strategic plan for the way forward. Learn about Uganda's multifaceted policy response to address this important issue.

The economist - pakistan renews fight against burgeoning hepatitis burden

The scale of Hepatitis C in Pakistan required elevation to a public health priority after past inadequate action, while Hepatitis B declined with a successful vaccination program. Explore Pakistan's renewed commitment to fighting both Hepatitis C and B.

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