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Alinity is not just a name. It embodies the core philosophy of Abbott’s next-generation systems. Aligned with your goals, fueled by innovative possibilities and working in unity to deliver results!

Harmonized systems for Unprecedented integration across key laboratory disciplines

The Alinity family is harmonized across key laboratory disciplines, streamlining critical interactions between individuals, systems and information, and enabling you to redefine performance in your laboratory and across your institution.

*For in vitro diagnostic use only. Not all products are available in all regions. This material is only for use outside of the United States.


Delivering innovative Laboratory solutions Designed by you, for you

Alinity was truly designed for you, incorporating the attributes you told us were most important for a more intuitive experience that addresses the challenges you face everyday

Operational productivity
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Standardize operations across your lab and network, and optimize your limited resources.

  • Intuitive, user-driven design simplifies touch points and interactions.
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface with common software and iconography provides a consistent experience. 


Adapt to the day-to-day and long-term unpredictability of changing lab volumes.

  • Scalable design allows for module additions and system reconfiguration as needs change with growing testing volumes.
  • Multiple track-connectivity options provide open, customized automation for third-party systems to connect multiple departments across the lab and network.

Operational productivity

Address limited space and increasing demand with increased throughput and capacity.

  • Increased sample and reagent load-up capacity means more tests per square meter for maximized throughput resulting in a compact footprint.
  • Continuous reagent access maintains uptime without interruption to tests in progress for greater operational productivity.


Provide consistent, high-quality service to physicians and reduce waste.

  • Error-proof design and proven technology provides accurate results across platforms.
  • Assay harmonization to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines ensures clear performance parameter definitions.

Explore the alinity family

Explore the alinity family banner img
Explore the alinity family banner img
Explore the alinity family banner img

Alinity ci-series


Streamlined system offers powerful integration across clinical chemistry and immunoassay. Can easily scale, combining up to four modules in multiple configurations to meet your laboratory's needs and maximize its operational efficiency.

Alinity c

Clinical chemistry system

Compact clinical chemistry system maximizes testing throughput with high-quality assays to deliver efficient and accurate performance.

Alinity I


Compact immunoassay system utilizes proven CHEMIFLEX chemiluminescent detection technology to provide greater confidence in results.

Alinity h-series*

Integrated hematology

Delivers simplified workflows through an innovative design to streamline the hematology laboratory.

*Alinity h-series is not commercially available in all countries. 

Alinity hq
Hematology system

Compact hematology system enabling laboratories to run at maximum efficiency.

Alinity hs
Slide maker system

A compact slidemaker stainer system for an automated workflow that delivers consistency.

Alinity m


Fully integrated, automated, high-throughput molecular diagnostics analyzer with high-quality assays that deliver the next level of flexibility and efficiency to molecular labs.

Alinity s


Purpose-built for blood and plasma screening, this transformational innovation empowers blood and plasma services to simultaneously protect the global supply of safe blood and plasma products and achieve greater operational efficiency.

I-stat alinity*

Point of care

The i-STAT Alinity system, designed to be easy, accurate and connected, integrates with-patient testing directly into the clinical care pathway.

*For  in vitro diagnostic use only. Not all products are available in all regions. This material is only for use outside of the United States.

Alinity pro


A web-based software providing centralized monitoring to enhance the operational efficiency of Alinity systems throughout your network.*

*Available with the Alinity ci-series and Alinity s.

Alinity customer experience

Alinity is transforming healthcare institutions across the globe into models of operational efficiency and exceptional performance, helping them achieve their goals and deliver quality patient outcomes.

See how one institution — Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra in Portugal — optimized operational efficiencies through implementation of the total Abbott solution:

“Through the implementation of the Abbott solution, we have been able to build a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows for improved efficiencies and, most importantly, improving care provided to our patients.”

 —  Dr. Fernando Rodrigues,  Laboratory Manager

With Alinity, Abbott's innovative, holistic family of systems, Abbott is committed to offering unprecedented harmonization across your laboratory and your institution so you can...

Achieve measurably better healthcare performance.

healthcare performance image
healthcare performance image
healthcare performance image

Alinity is one part of the broader approach Abbott created to deliver personalized solutions consisting of the resources, processes and technologies necessary to help customers adapt in the short and long term. Together, we can transform your operations and equip you for a successful, sustainable future in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.



Expert teams take a holistic, enterprise-level view to develop personalized solutions for laboratories, including leading Abbott Transformation System workshops for continuous performance improvement.



A harmonized family of innovative diagnostic systems — like Alinity — as well as assays, informatics and automation solutions to streamline laboratory operations.



A suite of professional services and informatics enablers unlocks intelligent insights from valuable data.


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GLP Systems

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SARS-CoV-2 Serology

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