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An end-to-end, patient-centric approach designed to help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow – so you can achieve measurably better healthcare performance.


A new day in diagnostics is demanding a new level of performance

  • >50% of US hospitals anticipate negative margins1
  • 85.3% of lab workers report burnout2
  • 25,000+ unfilled lab positions in the US alone3
  • 77% of doctors would value more interpretation assistance4

Yet Many Efforts At Leveraging Technology Have Failed

  • Up to 80% of healthcare technology projects are considered failures5
  • 32.7% of healthcare workers report being frustrated near-daily by technology6
  • Only 16% of major digital projects improve performance7

Success requires end-to-end solutions purpose-built for integration


Discover your lab's potential

With its unique three-pillar strategy, AlinIQ Digital Health Solutions helps you unlock the potential of your lab to optimize your workflows, elevate your diagnostics and decision-making and empower patient care throughout your institution.



Drive better outcomes by optimizing your pre-analytical and IVD workflows with new understandings and insights.



Improve patient experience and secure the lab as a trusted advisor by elevating IVD testing and decision making with integrated diagnostic, clinical, quality, and workflow information.


Patient Care

Improve the health of populations by empowering physicians to deliver optimal patient care through unified health information.

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High-sensitive background image

"Being able to manage all our instruments and lab processes using a single data platform is a major benefit."

Dr. Ferreira de Almeida,
Clinical Pathologist, São João hospital, Portugal



The power of harmonized labs

The Transformation System by Abbott believes that every aspect of your lab – from instruments to automation to digital health – should work in harmony. No two labs are alike, just like no two patients are alike. But flexible functionality, united by common-sense interfaces and a north star of better healthcare, means any lab can be more than its parts.

Labs Can Be Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

  • Start with well-run equipment that is compact, scalable, intelligent
  • Then build to integrated solutions with harmonized interfaces, real-time monitoring
  • Next, deliver insights-driven actions with robust reporting and transformative awareness
  • Ultimately, help bring clinical excellence to your institution through high-quality results and measurably better performance

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High-sensitive background image


Discover the benefits of Experience

Take advantage of Abbott's decades in healthcare and digital health

  • Passionate developers driving new possibilities: open architecture, deep functionality, future-ready technologies
  • Systems designed to be better together: from instruments and assays to automation and digital

130+ Years
in Healthcare

30+ Years
in Digital Health

Realize your potential

Aliniq digital health solutions

AlinIQ, the suite of Digital Health Solutions from Abbott, helps you uncover intelligent insights from your laboratory data and discover greater operational productivity with existing resources.

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Aliniq web banner image

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