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We solve problems before they start.

To thrive in the changing healthcare environment, laboratories can't afford unexpected instrument downtime. Previously, diagnostics service has relied on you reporting an issue, oftentimes when an instrument is already down. We have realized instrument downtime can be avoided. Instead of calling us, now we call you to resolve issues before they occur.



What is always on?

AlinIQ Always On Services (Always On) utilizes Active Sense Technologies™, Resourceful Advocates and Disciplined Processes to offer instrument health monitoring that enables your laboratory to achieve operational efficiency and increased productivity.

  • Always On applies powerful data analytics, remote monitoring and world-class, on-site support to offer labs proactive service that empowers us the ability to offer a globally standardized 99% uptime guarantee for our instruments.*
  • Always On’s predictive maintenance model allows for planned, proactive maintenance at your preferred time year-round to minimize workflow and instrument downtime.
  • This innovative predictive service model allows for increased uptime and more efficient patient care.
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Always on lab services offer

Active sense






Abbott helps customers achieve measurably better healthcare performance with personalized core diagnostics solutions consisting of our Resourceful Advocates, Harmonized Systems and Intelligent Insights.

Active sense technologies

Active sense technologies image
Active sense technologies image

Powerful, predictive alerts

Always On Active Sense Technologies watch over your lab’s instrument health. Real-time information is accessed from multiple sensors within Abbott instruments and collected through AbbottLINK®. The data is analyzed utilizing machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, to identify signs of instrument early malfunction that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Predictive maintenance is also performed throughout the life of your instrument to ensure complete, high-quality performance as long as the instrument is active in your lab. Our total-call solution requires our field service engineers to do a multipoint inspection of overall instrument health during each visit, which further supports avoiding risks of unnecessary downtime in the future.

Abbott has one of the most extensive instrument health databases in the industry because we have been collecting data for over 19 years and have analyzed over 5 billion records. The result? Active Sense Technologies can share alerts that enable predictive service ahead of equipment failure.

How instrument health monitoring works


Abbottlink enables bilateral data flow between the lab and global smart centers


Global smart centers review and analyze data, creating predictive algorithms


Predictive alert is sent to inform Abbott of potential

Equipment issues


Resourceful advocates perform proactive resolution (remote or on-site)


Resourceful advocates image
Resourceful advocates image

Resourceful advocates include

Abbott ambassador — your dedicated consultant

Global smart centers to monitor instrument performance

More than 3,400 trained and certified field experts

Support from informatics, applications and service specialists

How your dedicated ambassador creates Value within your health system

Optimizing operational and clinical effectiveness for the health system

Collaborative partner

Co-creating solutions

Supporting your kpi's and your customers' kpi's

Building competencies to support your continuous improvement efforts

Disciplined processes

Disciplined Processes image
Disciplined Processes image

Remote support and

Proactive services

Our fast-paced and ever-changing world requires comprehensive remote monitoring and support. As your partner, Abbott is committed to giving you 24/7 access to best-in-class remote customer support and dispatch centers — a personalized team of Resourceful Advocates with locations across the globe that support more than 25 languages. Your team of multidisciplinary subject matter experts can support your needs ranging from field service to product to process. When an issue cannot be resolved remotely, your team works collaboratively to ensure on-site work requires only minimal, planned downtime.

Actionable insights for

Continuous improvement

Abbott has Disciplined Processes to ensure you receive actionable insights that answer the questions most important to your lab. Regular business reviews with your Abbott team turn instrument and service metrics, such as your lab’s predictive alerts, instrument alerts and KPIs, into opportunities to optimize your lab’s operational efficiency, productivity and clinical effectiveness.

Increased uptime


Greater productivity and improved patient care

increased uptime image
increased uptime image
increased uptime image

Instrument failure

Can be predicted weeks in advance

Shorter scheduled downtime

Up to 70%1 greater productivity

Backed by the

Industry's first global 99% uptime guarantee*

Over 600 components

Monitored across Abbott's total solution

Abbott offers a variety of service packages

Learn more about how we can tailor service options to meet your lab's unique needs.

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Our extensive assay menu helps physicians make timely, informed decisions throughout the continuum of care.

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Learn about the innovative total laboratory automation solution with proven technology and flexibility to meet your goals.

Alinity Family

Discover how Alinity uses powerful technology to help redefine and improve operational productivity and confidence in your laboratory.

 *Based on your service contract. Contact your representative at Abbott for more details.

  1.  Abbott data on file.