Every laboratory requires a high-quality test menu to help meet their requirements for reliable, accurate and precise immunoassay testing results. With Abbott, labs avoid interference complications with our Biotin-interference free assays.

Driving diagnostic innovation since 1972

In 1972, Abbott launched its first hepatitis test and in 1985 launched the world's first FDA approved HIV test. Our innovations and commitment to the science of laboratory diagnostics marked the beginning of our modern diagnostics business. With more than 40 years dedicated to improving lives through quality diagnostics, Abbott scientists are continually developing innovative systems and tests across infectious disease, cardiac, oncology, and more.

Achieve measurably better healthcare performance with our personalized solutions,

including comprehensive immunoassays

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Abbott has structured our entire worldwide Diagnostics organization to take a holistic enterprise-level view. 

Harmonized Systems

A harmonized family of innovative systems, assays and informatics solutions to streamline your laboratory operations. 

Intelligent Insights

A suite of professional services supported by informatics enablers that unlock intelligent insights from your valuable data.

Diagnostics panels


The robust cancer menu supports laboratories and physicians for patients diagnosed with liver, lung and ovarian cancer. Our advanced tumor markers provide precise and accurate results to help inform treatment plans.


The comprehensive cardiac menu aids with cardiovascular disease identification, prediction and management to help improve patients' lives and instill confidence in cardiac care decision making.

Infectious disease

Decades of viral surveillance research fuel Abbott’s infectious disease solutions. Our extensive assay menu helps physicians make timely, informed decisions throughout the continuum of care.


Alinity is Abbott’s next generation of systems, across key laboratory disciplines, designed to simplify diagnostics and help you deliver results that drive better patient outcomes. With Alinity, critical interactions between individuals, systems and information are streamlined, enabling you to redefine performance in your laboratory and your institution. Alinity is a total lab solution, designed to deliver: uniformity, flexibility, operational productivity and confidence.

A flagship system, ARCHITECT is a cornerstone of our total solution. With true family commonality and enhanced system and assay dynamics, the ARCHITECT family allows for core lab integration without compromise. With multiple platform combinations for all your laboratory’s needs, ARCHITECT helps maximizes ease of use through common reagent sharing, sample carriers, software and instrument consumables.


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