Infectious disease

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Infectious disease banner image
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Transform your laboratory

Laboratories have increasing demand for fast, accurate tests that diagnose and monitor infectious diseases.

It’s a never-ending challenge to keep up with the evidence associated with infectious diseases and their constant variations to ensure valid virus detection.

Sars-cov-2 immunoassays

Serology testing is an important next step in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Our automated lab-based test detects the human antibody response, IgG, to the novel coronavirus. Antibody testing provides additional options to test patients and conduct research.

Sars-cov-2 immunoassays banner image
Sars-cov-2 immunoassays banner image
Sars-cov-2 immunoassays banner image

Torch panel

Screening for TORCH infections early in pregnancy can help reduce the risk of transmitting an infection from the mother  to the baby. Explore how Abbott's TORCH panel can help confidently detect infections and optimize efficiencies in your laboratory.

Torch panel
Torch panel
Torch panel

Learn how to break free from the challenges of hcv diagnosis

With the availability of new and highly effective therapies, laboratories need to overcome diagnostic challenges to help identify and manage the estimated 67 million people worldwide who may be unaware they are infected with HCV. 1-2 A healthier future without Hepatitis C is now possible. See how the diagnostic solutions from Abbott can support laboratories in making elimination a reality.

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  2. Know your hepatitis status – increasing access to testing for a hidden infection. World Health Organization website: Published July 2016. Accessed April 3, 2018.

A history of infectious disease diagnostics

For over 40 years, Abbott has been committed to delivering the highest quality products to serve the in vitro diagnostics community.

Abbott's scientists and market experts are continuously working together to solve today's challenges, understand future needs and eliminate gaps in the diagnosis of infectious disease patients and in our overall health care community.


Our menu offerings span tests designed to help diagnose HIV and HTLV infections.


Abbott offers numerous congenital testing options, helping health care professionals identify the presence of infection in patients.

Other infectious disease

Abbott has a range of infectious disease assays that includes tests for EBV and Syphilis.


Infectious Disease Webinars

Learn more about our impact on infectious disease by viewing our webinars.

Liver Disease

Learn about Liver Disease Analytes and how they are used to help detect and monitor hepatic disease.

Global Viral Surveillance

With Global Viral Surveillance, Abbott is committed to evaluating and solving some of today's toughest infectious disease challenges.