Architect ci8200

Architect ci8200
Architect ci8200
Architect ci8200

Large load capacity

Consistent stat results

One platform. Multiple benefits. The ARCHITECT ci8200 combines the ARCHITECT c8000 and the ARCHITECT i2000SR to provide clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing in a single integrated system. By delivering fast, high-quality STAT results, the ARCHITECT ci8200 allows for laboratories to handle complex workloads.

The ARCHITECT ci8200 integrated system provides laboratories a single testing module that is specifically designed to improve laboratory efficiency and turnaround time. The ARCHITECT ci8200 offers a maximum throughput of up to 1,400 tests per hour, including 1,200 clinical chemistry and 200 immunoassay tests. Featuring a load-up capacity of 365 samples with 35 priority positions, the ARCHITECT ci8200 has up to 146 refrigerated reagent positions plus Integrated Chip Technology (Na+, K+ and Cl-).

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Refer to the operations manual or user guide for warnings, precautions and limitations for proper use of the instrument. 
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Some assays may not be available on all platforms.

System specifications

Reaction MethodSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Maximum ThroughputUp to 1,400 tests/hour
Sample TypesSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Sample TubesHeight: 72-102 mm
Diameter 9.6-16.1 mm
Sample CupYes (50 µl dead volume) 
Sample Capacity365 
Sample Barcode TypesCode 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128
Sample Result Storage50,000
Sample VolumeSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Automatic DilutionYes 
Sample Probe Carryover≤0.1 parts per million 
Reagent Capacity Up to 146 refrigerated positions plus patented ISE (Na+, K+ and Cl-)
Reagent TypeSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Reagent Onboard Stability See c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Calibration FrequencySee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Sample, Clot and Bubble DetectionYes 
Reagent Pressure MonitoringSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Sample Interference MeasurementYes: Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia
System Control Center 1 SCC, with color touchscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse  
Onboard Maintenance RecordsYes  
Online Error Code HelpYes 
Host InterfaceBidirectional, serial RS-232 interface, host query option available 
Remote DiagnosticsAbbottLink 

(H x W x D)

48" x 127" x 49"
121.9 x 322.6 x 124.5 cm


2,447 lbs
1109.9 kg

Electrical RequirementsSee c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Water Requirements See c8000 and i2000SR specifications
 Heat Output*See c8000 and i2000SR specifications
Sample LoadingRSH + Carousel
*Values provided represent the typical output in “Running” mode for the system processing module and  sample handler. A maximum value of 389 BTU/hr was obtained for the System Control Center (SCC) using the ARCHITECT i2000SR as a representative system. Values obtained during an internal study. Data is on file with Abbott.  
Note: Some of these specifications are based on the combination of the ARCHITECT c8000 and the ARCHITECT i2000SR. For accurate and complete specifications, please refer to the individual operations manual.

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