Architect c16000

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High volume

High productivity

Imagine being able to count on high quality results — not only in the first run, but in every run thereafter. That's what you can expect with the ARCHITECT c16000 clinical chemistry analyzer. The ARCHITECT c16000 offers high throughput to handle heavy workloads with heavy workloads and confidence in all your results.

The ARCHITECT c16000 offers a maximum throughput of up to 1,800 tests per hour. Featuring a load-up capacity of 215 samples with 35 priority positions, the ARCHITECT c16000 has up to 130 refrigerated reagent positions plus Integrated Chip Technology (Na+, K+ and Cl-).

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Expand your capabilities

Integrating the ARCHITECT c16000 with the ARCHITECT i2000SR immunoassay analyzer enables laboratories to handle clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on one platform.

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