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Achieve measurably better healthcare performance with our personalized solutions

When combined, end to end solutions unlock synergistic value, helping your laboratory achieve and sustain operational excellence.



Expert teams take a holistic, enterprise-level view to develop personalized solutions for laboratories.



A harmonized family of innovative systems, assays, informatics, and automation solutions that streamline laboratory operations.



Abbott’s portfolio of AlinIQ Digital Health Solutions unlocks intelligent, actionable insights throughout the entire diagnosis cycle to achieve operational and clinical excellence.

End to end solutions help you thrive on change—with the freedom to impact more lives, in more ways, than ever before.

Future Proof Design

Professional Services Executives
Technical Solution Design Teams

Abbott's solution design experts help you design your system for what's now and for what's next.

95% of surveyed customers from Abbott indicated they are likely to maintain their relationship with Abbott when updating their laboratory’s systems and capabilities.1



Go-Live On-Time

Dedicated Project Management
Installation and Integration Expertise

With multiple dedicated representatives from Abbott, a detailed implementation plan to minimize service disruptions, and regular workshops held with your staff to optimize workflows, your transition becomes disruption-free.

The implementation process was fantastic; there was constant feedback on where we were in the process. The team was always on site, and timelines were met. If there were any issues, they were promptly addressed.

– Ilia Margarita Morales Toledo, MPH, MHSA, Executive Director, Laboratorio Clínico Toledo, Puerto Rico



Sustainable Reliability

Global Smart Centers
Dedicated Account Team

Real-time system performance data is sent automatically to our global smart centers, Where machine learning triggers predictive alerts allowing Abbott to guarantee your laboratory 99% uptime throughout our solutions.

It’s impressive to say that, since we’ve had the Abbott solution in place, there has been no downtime to speak of. That is extremely important to get rapid results out of our department.

– Chris Andry, Ph.D.Vice Chair for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston Medical Center, Boston, USA



Complexity Reduction

Third-party instrument integration
Open AlinIQ Middleware

Abbott’s open architecture helps you consolidate and simplify workflows to third-party middleware instrument integration.

Samples Processed on Track



Staff Optimization

Alinity Family Uniformity
AlinIQ Middleware

A common user experience across Alinity family instruments and Aliniq AMS middleware supports consistent operation across disciplines and helps you generate the greatest value from your laboratory staff.

Having a uniform system user interface on the Alinity systems including chemistry, immunoassay and hematology has reduced the training burden across disciplines. Since the systems are so simple to use, we have found that we can invest equal time training both those with historical lab experience and even recent graduates.

– Rouba Trad Lab Manager, Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon



Predictable Workflows

smart assay design
Smart Instrument Design

Assay productivity means helping you increase qc performance, decrease repeat and rerun rates, and decrease troubleshooting frequency to optimize your laboratory’s operational efficiency.

The Abbott solution has positioned us to become a leader in laboratory medicine in Southeastern Europe. We are achieving this through improved operational efficiencies and increases in both patient and staff satisfaction.

– Sanja Stanković, Director at Center for Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Center of Serbia, Serbia



Optimize Space

Alinity ci-series Footprint
Adaptable GLP systems Track Design

Performing more tests per square meter and novel track design allows laboratories to achieve greater capacity within existing spaces.

As healthcare and patients’ needs evolve, it is critical that we are able to leverage our facilities effectively. By adopting compact analyzers and automation solutions, we were able to achieve greater operational productivity and clinical outcomes in our limited laboratory space, serving all our group’s subsidiaries across the UA.

– Eman Al Shorafa, Chief Operating Officer, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, United Arab Emirates



Rapid Scalability

Modular Alinity Systems
Modular GLP systems track Automation and Open ALINIQ Middleware

With a multitude of Alinity combinations and scalable automation and informatics solutions, your lab is ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The adaptability of GLP systems enabled us to redistribute a centralized storage cluster into three satellite groups. Each group took only two days for moving and configuring, without disrupting laboratory operation or service delivery.

– Andrew Cullen, Central Lab Manager, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, Australia




Open Approach to Automation
Open ALINIQ AMS Solution

Through our open approach to automation and our open Aliniq AMS middleware, you have the freedom to change systems quickly and easily. Abbott’s open architecture is designed to support automation connectivity with Abbott and third-party analyzers.

To support the groups strategic expansions, it is critical that we invest in agile solutions.  The Abbott total solution allowed us to invest for today, and for the future, with minimal disruption..

– Dr. Sadoon Sami Sadoon, Chief Medical Officer, UE Medical



Elevate Performance

ALINIQ Middleware
AlinIQ Business Performance

Centrally monitor your laboratory’s systems and draw insights from diverse data sets to improve your laboratory’s workflows continuously.



Lab Profitability

Total Value of Ownership (TVO)
AlinIQ IMS and AlinIQ Business Performance

Abbott’s total value of ownership tools can help you quantify the holistic value of an investment, while Aliniq IMS and business performance can help you identify opportunities to optimize inventory and make smart decisions to optimize your lab’s profitability.

Most importantly, the manual steps for maintenance were reduced by 86%, freeing up my staff to have more time to consult with physicians.

– Rouba Trad, Lab Manager, Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon



Value of the Lab

AlinIQ Cinical Insights
Clinical Solution Specialists

Expand and enhance the value delivered to your clinicians and institution.

Abbott believes the laboratory has an important place in the healthcare environment and is promoting it every step of the way.


Clinical Chemistry

Our extensive assay menu helps physicians make timely, informed decisions throughout the continuum of care.

GLP systems Track

Learn about the innovative total laboratory automation solution with proven technology and flexibility to meet your goals.

Alinity Family

Discover how Alinity uses powerful technology to help redefine and improve operational productivity and confidence in your laboratory.

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