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pre-analytics, powered by indexor

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Streamline and automate sample tracking for better results

See how Indexor can automate and simplify phlebotomy collection, digitally document sample data during transport, and improve visibility and processing in the lab.

Up to 65% of errors happen in the

Pre-analytics phase 1,2

The benefits of aliniq pre-analytics Powered by indexor

Trace sample from patient draw to arrival in the lab

Monitor key quality indicators

Automate to save time and improve service levels

Aliniq pre-analytics powered by indexor,

Helps you optimize and scale your pre-analytics processes

Help minimize errors and advance the

Quality of healthcare services:

At phlebotomy sites

  • Records sample ID, phlebotomist, and collection time
  • Shippable racks eliminate the need for individual bagging

During transport

  • Records temperature, turbulence and transport time
  • Supports compliance and allows for quick identification of out-of-tolerance or missing samples at the receiving site

In the lab

Specimen reception

  • Records sample ID, phlebotomist, and collection time
  • Shippable racks eliminate the need for individual bagging

Lab accessioning

  • STAT, out of tolerance and missing samples are visually identified for easy access to improve TAT


How indexor improves

Pre-analytics processes

“there hasn’t

Been a lost

Sample since

We’ve started

Using it.”

- mile end road surgery, uk

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Find out how AlinIQ Pre-analytics Powered by Indexor can help your organization enhance the overall diagnosis cycle by streamlining pre-analytical tracking, transport, lab reception and accessioning of samples.

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