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Analyzer management system

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You Need More From Your Lab

AlinIQ Analyzer Management System gives you the visibility and tools you need to unlock new tiers of performance.



85.3% of lab workers report burnout1


7.9% annual growth in lab volume, reaching 111 billion tests globally by 20252


>50% of US hospitals anticipate negative margins3


25,000 unfilled lab positions in the US alone4


Capabilities designed to help transform your laboratory

Discover new opportunities for efficiency, scalability, and monitoring

Turn-around is more critical than ever

  • Customers have reduced turn-around time by up to 62% with AlinIQ AMS auto-verification rules
  • Customers have also maximized efficiency by automating up to 90% of their lab processes using the AlinIQ AMS pre-built rules library

Quality Control issues can impact patient care

  • Capture Quality Control/Quality Assurance metrics in real-time with an integrated, comprehensive quality control module
  • Automate moving averages for improved Quality Control
  • Support compliance and accreditation needs with near-infinite historical records

Resources are strained

  • Enhance stakeholder communication to take evidence-based action with cutting-edge reporting tools and deep data access
  • Gain the insights you need to adapt and thrive by identifying inefficiencies with secure monitoring across your entire network

The future is going to be different

  • Benefit from Abbott’s unique experience in navigating change: 130+ years in healthcare and 50+ years in IVD
  • Rely on the proven technology behind AlinIQ AMS: 30+ years of digital innovation and 1900+ installs globally

Using AlinIQ AMS, Izmir Public Health Lab in Istanbul, Turkey was able to reduce their average IACC turn-around time by 62.5%.

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AlinIQ Analyzer Management System

Integrate hundreds of instrument types with 800+ available drivers

Automate time-consuming tasks like verification and quality control

Monitor performance from draw to results

Create better budgets with best-in-class reporting


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Aliniq digital health solutions

AlinIQ, the suite of Digital Health Solutions from Abbott, helps you uncover intelligent insights from your laboratory data and discover greater operational productivity with existing resources.

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