Alinity h-series integrated hematology system

Simplicity built in. Streamlined for your laboratory.
Alinity h-series integrated hematology system image
Alinity h-series integrated hematology system image
Alinity h-series integrated hematology system image
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Flexibility & capacity to adapt

Laboratory service providers like you are facing considerable uncertainty in the healthcare environment, due to an aging population, proliferation of chronic diseases, and performance pressures such as consolidation and managing costs. The Alinity h-series is part of a holistic family of personalized solutions from Abbott. The Alinity family of harmonized systems is designed to build greater capacity, flexibility, and confidence to help you manage unpredictability, both today, and into the future.

Hematology systems that streamline workflow to transform your laboratory

The Alinity h-series of systems integrates hematology workflow, from high-throughput Complete Blood Count (CBC) analysis to automated slide making and staining. With a bi-directional, internal conveyor and a throughput of 125 CBCs per m2, it delivers high performance in one of the most compact footprints available.

Simplified workflow backed by innovative design

The Alinity hq analyzer delivers a Complete Blood Count (CBC) with a 6-part White Blood Cell (WBC) differential and several parameters using Advanced MAPSS (Multi Angle Polarized Scatter Separation) technology. The design incorporates additional angular intervals of light scatter to improve differentiation of the WBC, Red Blood Cells (RBC) and platelets as they pass through the detection area of the optical flow cell.

Together with the use of multi-paradigm numerical computer tools, a machine-learning cell classifier, a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) and a Graph Adaptive Clustering (GAC), the Alinity hq technology represents an advancement in cellular analysis for hematology.

Achieve integration that is built on user-focused design

With an emphasis on addressing needs articulated by you, the Alinity h-series was designed for future integration of multiple modules, all controlled by a single system control center. It also offers an intuitive and uniform experience, aligned with other Alinity solutions. This commonality in user experience across multiple laboratory disciplines, allows for efficiencies in training, operation, and utilization of staff.

Maximize hematology efficiency with laboratory automation

The Alinity h-series provides seamless connection to the ACCELERATOR a3600 laboratory automation system, maximizing efficiency by providing consistent, predictable sample management and helps improve patient care by minimizing opportunities for error.

The flexibility of the Alinity h-series allows simultaneous sample loading on the analyzer and the automation track. It utilizes smart-sensing technology that intelligently prioritizes STAT samples, shortening wait times.

Adding to the seamless integration with ACCELERATOR a3600, our AlinIQ middleware solution enables your laboratory to gain further operational efficiency, reducing manual work and enabling your staff to focus on critical tasks.

Alinity h-series image Alinity h-series image
Deliver performance that comes from proven expertise in system and assay design

Alinity h-series is designed to deliver reliable results needed by the busy hematology laboratory and is anchored on user feedback to ensure that the laboratory operates efficiently.

Leveraging Abbott's legacy of experience in optics and reagent development, the Alinity hq analyzer uses only three reagents to deliver a CBC with 6-part differential.

FeatureAlinity hqAlinity hs
System Dimensions (HxDxW)149.9 cm (59 in) x 91.4 cm (36 in) x 66 cm (26 in)149.9 cm (59 in) x 91.4 cm (36 in) x 76.2 cm (30 in)
System Footprint0.6 m²0.7 m²
Weight250 kg (553 lbs)281 kg (620 lbs)
Maximum Throughput
  • 119/hr for CBC + Differential
  • 70/hr for CBC + Differential + Reticulocyte
65 stained smears per hour*
  • WBC and Differential – Optical Scatter and Fluorescence
  • RBC – Optical Scatter and Fluorescence
  • Platelet – Optical Scatter
  • Reticulocytes – Optical Scatter and Fluorescence
Stain and smear, smear only and stain only. Custom Stain protocols can be created. The smear is performed by a single-use blade based on the hematocrit results provided by user, or determined by the integrated analyzer
Reportable ParametersWBC, 6-part Differential (NEU, %NEU, LYM, %LYM, MONO, %MONO, EOS, %EOS, BASO, %BASO, IG, %IG), RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, NRBC, NR/W, RETIC, %R, IRF, MCHr, PLT, MPV, %rPNot applicable
Reagents and ConsumablesReady to use: WBC Reagent, HGB Reagent, Retic Reagent, Diluent, Autoclean solutionReady to use: May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain or Wrights Giemsa Stain, Phosphate buffer, Smear Fix, Glass Slides, Slide Label Cartridge, Smear Tape Cartridge
Continuous Access of Reagents and ConsumablesYes
Flexible STAT OptionsYes. Any tube lane can be designated as a STAT lane
Sample Capacity120 tubes
    80 tubes, 210 blank slides, 120 stained/smeared slides
    Sample Aspiration Volume
    • CBC+ Diff: < 100 μl
    • CBC+ Diff + Retic: < 100 μl
    <25 μl
    Sample Result Storage100,000 Result Records, 100 Calibration Files, 1000 QC Files
    User Configurable RulesReflex and retest based on parameter limits, morphology flags, and delta checks
    LAS IntegrationYes, ACCERLATOR a3600 for the Alinity hq-hs-hq and Alinity hq configurations
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    North west london pathology (nwlp)

    Saghar Missaghian-Cully, Managing Director at NWLP, shares her vision for change and why undergoing transformation to a harmonized family of laboratory systems has enabled NWLP to deliver integrated care.

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    North west london pathology (nwlp)

    Matthew Kent, Blood Sciences Manager at Charing Cross Hospital and Daniel Pelling, Blood Sciences Manager at St. Mary's Hospital discuss hematology operational efficiencies realized through a uniformed and integrated core laboratory technology platform.

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    North west london pathology (nwlp)

    Northwest London Pathology, like many laboratories around the world is faced with shrinking laboratory space and staff shortages. Lorry Phelan, Deputy Divisional Manager, shares her vision of the future for hematology and how Abbott has helped her future-proof her laboratory.

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    Bioiatriki healthcare group

    See how Abbott's Alinity h-series helped Bioiatriki Healthcare Group in Greece improve efficiency, while addressing growing laboratory workload and increasing physician expectations.

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    Personalized and relevant educational resources to help keep you informed of the latest hematology laboratory topics, including clinical approaches and technologies. We offer a wide range of courses, case studies, how-to videos and webinars tailored to deliver a unique educational experience.

    Hematology image Hematology image

    View detailed illustrations of hematopoiesis, the process by which immature precursor cells develop along their path into mature blood cells; lymphocytes, erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes.

    Hematology image Hematology image

    Alinity hq was evaluated against two other high-volume hematology analyzers, including a correlation study of Alinity hq white blood cell differentials with manual microscopy, including immature granulocytes and nucleated red blood cells. The evaluation demonstrated the Alinity hq had equivalent performance with the two other analyzers, and a high level of accuracy compared to manual differentials.

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    Since their invention in the 1950s, automated hematology analyzers have become increasingly sophisticated, allowing more precise and accurate CBC and WBC differential results, including providing a 6-part WBC differential and NRBC count.

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    The Complete Blood Count (CBC) is one of the most frequently performed laboratory tests. Many diseases can cause abnormalities in the Red Blood Cell (RBC) count; therefore, RBC concentration, as part of CBC, is frequently used in the diagnostic phase for many conditions and as a screening test. Review the technologies hematology analyzers utilize for counting and measuring volumes of RBCs.

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    The platelet (PLT) count plays a critical role for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with many hematological and non-hematological diseases. Inaccuracy in PLT counting can have significant clinical impact, especially at the transfusion trigger levels. If the PLT count is falsely elevated, it could result in a missed PLT transfusion. On the other hand, if the PLT count is falsely decreased, it may lead to unnecessary PLT transfusion with all the hazards associated with it.

    Hematology image Hematology image

    Since the first paper discussing the use of Sigma metrics in clinical laboratories was published in 2000, the concept of measuring analytical performance on the Sigma scale has been gaining popularity. The Six Sigma quality management system provides an objective estimate of quality based on defined tolerance limits. However, there are challenges associated with the use of Sigma metrics in the clinical laboratory, particularly in the hematology laboratory. As with any tool, its usefulness depends on proper use and interpretation.

    Hematology image Hematology image

    The purpose of this document is to familiarize users with the configuration and measurement principles of Alinity hq hematology analyzer, as it applies to routine calibration and quality control procedures, and to provide guidance on the best practices of calibration and optimal use of quality control.

    Why Abbott

    At Abbott, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality results. We understand how critical it is for your laboratory to deliver the right result the first time, reducing manual reviews to allow your valuable laboratory resources to focus on the most critical tasks. The Alinity h-series represents the next generation hematology solution, which is part of the Alinity family of harmonized systems.

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    Expert teams take a holistic, enterprise-level view to develop personalized solutions for laboratories.

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    A harmonized family of innovative systems, assays and automation solutions that streamline laboratory operations.

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    Digital health solutions unlock data across the entire diagnosis cycle to present intelligent insights..

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