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Thought leadership article series

Explore our thought leadership series from the Economist Intelligence Unit on topics such as cardiac risk stratification, pandemic testing strategies, traumatic brain injury and more. Discover how recent innovations driven by clinical diagnostics will advance patient care across the healthcare ecosystem. Corresponding infographics provide high-level snapshots of each report’s content. 

The role of covid-19 testing, data and informatics in getting back to normal

Learn about the benefits of effective testing strategies in the report and infographic.

Improving cancer risk assessment and prognosis: the role of multianalyte assays with algorithmic analyses

Find out which countries are on the forefront of using a multianalyte approach and understand their use in three case studies.

How agile laboratories enable healthcare systems to innovate new care models

Learn why the clinical laboratory must be integrated into the wider health system for healthcare organizations to achieve their full benefits.

Women’s health: a diagnostic approach to a lifetime of wellness

Learn why innovative and targeted diagnostic testing is key to improving health outcomes for women.


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Discover how Alinity uses technology to help redefine and improve operational productivity and confidence in your laboratory.

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Find the latest information in laboratory science, therapeutic areas and Abbott innovation.

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