Drugs of abuse/toxicology

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Drugs of abuse/toxicology banner image
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Drug abuse affects our families, workplaces and communities. Toxicity of certain prescription medications can also be a serious health concern for patients and health care professionals.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.


Can your laboratory detect a drug of abuse overdose? Or a toxic concentration of a therapeutic drug?

Abbott offers many assays to determine the presence of commonly abused drugs and toxic levels of prescription medications across harmonized systems to deliver the performance you need and expect in your laboratory.

When your laboratory needs assays to show evidence of drug abuse or toxic levels of medications in patients, our wide variety of assays for drugs of abuse and toxicology on a routine clinical chemistry analyzer allows for consolidation on a single, fully automated instrument. This capability offers reliable performance with increased operational efficiency.

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Some assays may not be available on all platforms.
Drugs of Abuse/Toxicology
Amphetamine/ Methamphetamine
Benzodiazepines (Serum)
PCP (Phencyclidine)
Tricyclic Antidepressants

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A unified approach

A unified approach

A unified approach

A unified approach

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