CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL Hematology Analyzer

Turn Small Places into Smart Spaces
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Simply smart

With reduced budgets, shrinking laboratory space and staffing challenges, many laboratories need a solution that lets them work smarter with less.

The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is a full performance, automated optical 5-part differential analyzer that delivers smarter results for small to mid-size clinical laboratories.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Compact design

Conserve valuable laboratory space with a small footprint and only 2 reagents, plus onboard cleaner.

Walkaway functionality

Optimize hematology workflow with 50 tube load-up capacity.

Ease of use
  • Reduce hands-on time with touch-free scheduled daily maintenance, startup and shutdown
  • Decrease manual entry errors and help to comply by use of barcoded reagents
Smart safety features
  • Ensure user safety with a specially developed open tube sample device
  • Prevent errors with optional tube bypass for specimens with unreadable barcodes

System Specifications

Technology & Methods
  • Optical Flow Cytometry technology
  • Electrical impedance
  • Absorption spectrophotometry
  • Electronic valves
  • Cyanide-free lyse reagent
  • LCD color touch screen
  • RS232 and TCP/IP LIS interface
  • Multiple USB ports (3 in front, 1 in back)
Throughput40 samples per hour
Autoloader Capacity50 tubes (up to 10 racks, 5 tubes per rack)
Sample Size21 μL
Specimen Data Management
  • Search by date or sequence number
  • Flagging for patient limit sets
  • Flagging for panic values
  • 3,000 records with histograms on internal memory
  • Up to 300,000 records on external USB thumb drive
  • Customizable patient limits and report units (USA, SI, SI MOD)
  • Barcode reader (reads code 128, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, and others listed in the Operator’s Manual)
Quality Control
  • 12 control files
  • 100 records per file
  • Levey-Jennings graphs
  • Upload/download control information
  • eQC online peer review program
  • Sequence number
  • Alphanumeric specimen ID
  • Date & time analyzed
  • Patient name
  • CBC with or without 5-part differential
  • Flagging and Alerts
Dispersional Data Alert
  • Operator-defined patient limits for low, high, ad panic values
  • System-defined limits for reportable range and analytical measurement range
  • Suspect parameter flags caused by interfering substances or sample abnormalities
  • Suspect parameter flags generated when WBC data indicates possible presence of an abnormal population
Standards & Safety Compliance
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • IEC 61010-1
  • IEC 61010-2-101
  • IEC 61326-1
  • IEC 61326-2-6
  • IEC 60825-1
  • CE Mark
Peripheral Devices
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • Handheld barcode scanner
  • Keyboard
Physical Dimensions
  • Height - 16.1 inches (41 cm)
  • Width - 19.7 inches (50 cm)
  • Depth - 17.0 inches (43 cm)
  • Weight - approximately 55 lbs. (25 kg) (without on-board reagents)


White CellSRED CELLSPlatelets
EOS %  
EOS #  
BAS %  
BAS #  


Reagent DescriptionsSize and List Number
CELL-DYN Emerald 22 Lyse500 mL (List No. 09H61-01)
CELL-DYN Emerald 22 Diluent10 L (List No. 09H62-01)
CELL-DYN Emerald 22 Easy Cleaner980 mL (List No. 09H60-01)

Controls & Calibrators

CELL-DYN 22 Plus Calibrator09H73-01
CELL-DYN 22 Plus Control Full-Pack (12 tubes)09H72-01
CELL-DYN 22 Plus Control Half-Pack (6 tubes)09H72-02


Descriptions - AccessoriesList Number
Emerald 22 AL Type 1 Racks (1-10) Standard tubes04T53-01
Emerald 22 AL Type 1 Racks (11-20) Standard tubes04T54-01
Emerald 22 AL Type 1 Racks (21-30) Standard tubes04T55-01
Emerald 22 AL Type 2 Racks (1-10) Sarstedt tubes04W22-01
Emerald 22 AL Type 2 Racks (11-20) Sarstedt tubes04W23-01
Emerald 22 AL Type 2 Racks (21-30) Sarstedt tubes04W24-01

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Refer to the operations manual or user guide for warnings, precautions and limitations for proper use of the instrument.

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