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COVID-19 white Papers

Reimagining the Health System in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic








Health System CEOs from across the US discovered three common themes, regardless of location and incidence of COVID-19, that health systems and their communities faced and are continuing to face during this pandemic. Find out why we need to focus on:

  • Building the Community
  • Building Confidence
  • Building the Future


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creating value in the lab  





Total Cost of Ownership









Analyzing the laboratory with a Total Value of Ownership (TVO) methodology can unlock a wealth of possibilities to deliver value. Learn how three laboratories from around the world applied TVO to help them to reach their goals.

Explore total value of ownership 


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides a structured approach to analyzing all direct and indirect instrument costs. Discover how several analytic platforms compare in three key areas: maintenance time, processing time and utility consumption. 

Read the Total Cost of Ownership White Paper 

Most laboratories are aware of the direct costs for diagnostic equipment, however, they often fail to consider the total operational costs. Explore how one laboratory utilized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to provide value to its institution.


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Six Sigma

Six Sigma optimal use








Six Sigma: Laboratory Quality  Control in the Healthcare Ecosystem





Read about the optimal use of Sigma-metrics and their value to your laboratory. From best practices for collecting the data used to calculate it, to desirable implementation and operational implications. 

Read six sigma optimal use 


Laboratories seek objective assessment and comparison of analytical methods and instrument performance. Learn the theoretical basis of how the Sigma-metric can be used as an assessment of analytical quality. 

Read six sigma for the laboratory 


Understand why quality control matters in the healthcare system by reading about the basics of Six Sigma. Learn about its purpose in your clinical laboratory practice and the benefits in efficiency and budget management that can be achieved.

Read Laboratory quality control in the healthcare ecosystem 



With increasing demand for improved accuracy and reliability of results, Six Sigma is revolutionizing how laboratories measure quality control. Six Sigma metrics can help you quantitatively assess assays and instruments to improve your laboratory's performance.

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Infectious Disease

The Economist:
Egpyt's Path to Eliminating Hepatitis









The prevalence of Hepatitis C in Egypt was unlike any other country in the world. Discover why Egypt now appears to be on the path to successfully eliminating viral Hepatitis and how their approach can offer valuable lessons to other countries.

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There is evidence that viral Hepatitis is a growing danger in Uganda. However, a lack of data made it difficult to create a strategic plan for the way forward. Learn about Uganda's multifaceted policy response to address this important issue.

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The scale of Hepatitis C in Pakistan required elevation to a public health priority after past inadequate action, while Hepatitis B declined with a successful vaccination program. Explore Pakistan's renewed commitment to fighting both Hepatitis C and B.

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Scientific updates Assessment of on-market assays, FDA Recommendations and FAQ







Stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and medical uses for Biotin and develop your knowledge on assay interference that has the potential to result in false results that can be critical to patient safety and your laboratory practice.

Read about Biotin Interference



Learn more about Biotin risks and find additional resources to help you stay aware of adverse events.

Visit the Biotin Interference page

 View our archive collection of publications that can be used to build upon current knowledge or aid in additional research for in-lab personel or management. 

Publication Description
Assessing Analytical Quality of HbA1c Assays Using Sigma Metrics
HbA1c is a critical assay as a result of the worldwide diabetes epidemic. Read the study to view the analytical performance of four HbA1c commercial assays using accuracy based grading and Sigma metrics.

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