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You need actionable insights to navigate change.

AlinIQ Analytics helps you monitor and understand the key performance indicators your lab needs to achieve operational sustainability.

New challenges and technologies
Are changing your lab


Healthcare spend is growing faster than the economy1


25,000 unfilled lab positions in the US alone2


Population over 65 will nearly double by 2050, increasing disease burden3


7.9% annual growth in lab volume, reaching 111 billion tests globally by 20254



The insights you need to
optimize your laboratory

Resources are strained

  • Gain the insights you need to adapt and thrive by identifying inefficiences via secure monitoring of your network
  • Enhance stakeholder communication with aggregated data and unified dashboards

Simultaneous changes
complicate assessment

  • Adapt to demands and new technology by identifying contributing factors behind the trends
  • Take evidence-based action based on a nuanced understanding of the interaction of your lab's systems and processes

Turnaround is more critical
than ever

  • Model and monitor trends to understand root-cause issues
  • Take advantage of a true end-to-end view of your lab to create meaningful KPIs

The future is going to be different

  • Benefit from Abbott’s unique experience in navigating change: 130+ years in healthcare and 50+ years in IVD
  • Rely on proven technology: 30+ years of digital innovation 

90% of healthcare leaders believe extracting more value from data will be key in the next few years5

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AlinIQ Analytics

Aggregate metrics from multiple systems and sites

Align staffing capacity to peaks in demand

Monitor turnaround time for trends and issues

Analyze order patterns to optimize operations


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Abbott offers two proprietary analytics solutions in select countries:
Business Performance, powered by the AlinIQ Integrated Platform, and AlinIQ Business Intelligence System.

Contact Abbott today to learn which AlinIQ Analytics solution is best for your laboratory's optimization needs.


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