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Clinical Decision Support

Patient-Centric Decision Support for Enhanced Clinical Management
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Making the right decisions matters

Avoiding delayed, missed or incorrect diagnoses is critical. The downstream impact of diagnostics errors includes variability in care, increased costs and financial and reputational risk. 

Intelligent insights

A comprehensive approach

Decision support solutions can help reduce risk to your organization, yet software-only solutions have limited impact. AlinIQ CDS is more than software. AlinIQ CDS combines easy to use, innovative software with consulting from Abbott to help maximize the benefit to your organization.

Deliver quality care

Receive patient-centric recommendations and interpretations that make it easy to deliver high-quality patient care.

Reduce variability

Promote alignment to your institutions protocols and guidelines and reduce variability in care.

Increase efficiency

Receive appropriate testing recommendations and improve the efficiency of clinical and laboratory workflows.

Realize your potential

Aliniq digital health solutions

AlinIQ, the suite of Digital Health Solutions from Abbott, helps you uncover intelligent insights from your laboratory data and discover greater operational productivity with existing resources.

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