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The insight you actually need, now.

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Challenges & Opportunities

Demographics & Staffing

The population >65 will double by 20501 yet there is a projected 10M gap in health workers by 20302

Finances & Consumerism

Healthcare spend is outpacing the economy and patients expect on-demand healthcare services3,4

Data rich but insight poor5

Patients have thousands of health data points but much of it is unactionable due to silos and resource constraints

97% of health data goes unused6

Without visibility, the vast majority of healthcare data goes unused




AlinIQ Insight

Open. Real Time.

Introducing AlinIQ Insight and its family of applications—making your key diagnostic data more accessible and usable, because new levels of data visibility bring greater insight.

Just what you want

Access the insight you need in less time, with less effort

Right when you need it

Real-time alerts, timely notifications, and trending data visualizations

Exactly how you want it

Easily create personalized views so you can focus on what matters most



Real-World Impact

Synlab MVZ Labor München Zentrum GbR discovered new opportunities for efficiencies by using AlinIQ Insight and its family of applications.7

Achieved 60 to 90 minute time savings per day

“We can tremendously optimize our workflows by using AlinIQ Insight. We have the data immediately on our dashboard and we can work much more proactively with the devices. It made the entire laboratory more digitized, so we could monitor and have more control over the entire laboratory operation.”

- Sascha Hammer, Head of Operations & Technology

The Power of Personalized Views 

Simple. Intuitive. Innovative.

Structured data can help laboratories move beyond the limits of siloed information, but even this may still be limiting if it is constrained by inflexible dashboards. This is why Abbott created Personalized Views in AlinIQ Insight so you can:

  • Easily sort, configure and set parameters to highlight what’s most important for you

  • Instantly oversee application data integrated in real-time and presented in context

  • Quickly compare daily metrics for staff, instruments and consumables to your own KPI targets


Respond Quickly.
Adapt Proactively.
Plan successfully.

Explore our family of integrated diagnostic applications, with more to come in the future.*

AlinIQ System Operations

Your highly personalized and intuitive
command center

AlinIQ Instrument Aware

Centralized, real-time oversight for
your instruments

AlinIQ Instrument Reporting

Streamline your quality processes with simplified access to historical instrument data



Discover the future of smart diagnostics

AlinIQ Insight and its family of applications exemplifies Abbott's commitment to helping you identify and use the data you already have available throughout the diagnosis cycle. As future applications are added*, AlinIQ Insight is designed to help alleviate your operational, clinical, and financial challenges by:

  • Driving continuous improvement with real-time KPIs
  • Leveraging diagnostic data to advance clinical insight for patients and populations*
  • Optimizing resources with deeper understanding of trends and metrics

*Future AlinIQ Insight applications are in development and not commercially available. 


AlinIQ Insight

The insight you actually need, now.

Just what you need

Right when you need it

Exactly how you want it


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