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Streamline your quality processes

Easily support your regulatory and quality reporting processes and quickly identify holistic insights for troubleshooting on Alinity c, i, s, and Architect analyzers through simplified access to historical instrument data.

How AlinIQ Instrument Reporting can help your lab

AlinIQ Instrument Reporting is part of the family of applications available on AlinIQ Insight to help you: 

Access vital data with a few clicks

  • Identify actual result values for linearity reports, lot to lot comparisons, result investigation studies and more
  • Improve assay efficiency and instrument utilization by quickly comparing historical instrument and testing records over time*



Digitize Record Keeping

  • Access maintenance, quality and test performance records easily
  • Export key data to meet your specific reporting needs         



Identify variability with a holistic view of QC

  • Support root cause analysis for issues related to reagents, calibrations or specific modules for Abbott's Alinity c, i, s, and ARCHITECT analyzers





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