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Inventory management system

Optimize inventory and ensure product availability
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Inventory management is key

Laboratory supply chain management is often inefficient and time consuming. Manual inventory tracking increases labor time and errors. Unknown inventory status results in shortages of critical items or overstocks and waste. Shortages of inventory may impact timely patient care. 

Rfid technology

Innovative solutions for everyday challenges

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology behind AlinIQ IMS automates inventory receiving and tracking without the need for direct line-of-sight. It provides inventory status in real-time, minimizes patient care disruptions due to out-of-stock or expired inventory, and achieves cost savings by reducing hidden losses and operating expenses.

Manage non-Abbott products

AlinIQ IMS is an open system, allowing you to incorporate and manage non-Abbott products by generating RFID tags for non-Abbott reagents.

Maintain traceability and compliance

AlinIQ IMS helps you maintain compliance with complete reagent traceability records, including the date received and the lot number.

Manage inventory across locations

AlinIQ IMS allows you to manage inventory from different locations; perfect for your brand hospital laboratories and satellite offices.


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