Hemoglobin a1c

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Hemoglobin a1c banner image
Hemoglobin a1c banner image

Standardized for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes, the ARCHITECT fully-automated whole-blood glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) assay gives your laboratory elevated confidence in results, increased efficiency, and minimized tech hands-on time. 


Inconvenient testing methods for patients

Identifying at risk patients

Lack of early diagnosis & avoiding misdiagnosis

Diagnosing diabetes early and accurately

Diabetes has been called the 21st century’s major public health concern and represents a serious global epidemic.

The ARCHITECT Clinical Chemistry HbA1c assay is designed to have diagnostics and monitoring claims for diabetes mellitus on ARCHITECT c4000 and ARCHITECT c8000. The assay does not have significant interference from the common hemoglobin variants and is a fully automated whole blood application with no manual pretreatment steps.

Improved patient management process, enhanced confidence in patient results, and improved laboratory workflow efficiencies all make the ARCHITECT Clinical Chemistry HbA1c a high-quality diagnostic tool in diabetes diagnosis and management.


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