Experience true family commonality

With true family commonality and enhanced system and assay dynamics, the ARCHITECT family allows for integration without compromise.

Equivalent patient results

Identical technology, reagents and assay protocols generate patient results that are equivalent from system to system.

Identical software

ARCHITECT offers identical software across the entire family of instrumentation to streamline training and enhance ease of use.

Universal architect sample carrier

A universal sample carrier and common reagent cartridges are utilized across ARCHITECT systems.

Our architect family

Integrated systems

Seamless integration, standard with the ARCHITECT solution.

Clinical chemistry

Three model sizes to handle different laboratory test volumes.


Stand-alone or multi-module systems with a range of capacity and throughput.

integrated systems


Seamless integration without compromise

Consolidating our clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzers gives you a single platform for complex workloads and testing handled with ease.

Architect ci4100

Combines the ARCHITECT c4000 and the ARCHITECT i1000SR to offer lower volume laboratories the opportunity to enhance efficiency & productivity.

Architect ci8200

By delivering fast, high-quality STAT results, the ARCHITECT ci8200 makes it easier than ever for laboratories to handle complex workloads.

Architect ci16200

Every detail in the ARCHITECT ci16200 has been designed to handle high-volume, complex workloads.

Clinical chemistry

Clinical chemistry
Clinical chemistry
Clinical chemistry

Available in 3 model sizes to handle different laboratory test volumes

These instruments provide the high-quality, consistent STAT results and ease of use your laboratory demands from its instruments. 

Architect c4000

Designed with advanced technology, the ARCHITECT c4000 enhances laboratory productivity and provides users high confidence in clinical results.

Architect c8000

With the ARCHITECT c8000, gain speed and confidence in your Clinical Chemistry results.

Architect c16000

The ARCHITECT c16000 offers high throughput to handle heavy workloads, plus advanced technology to provide confidence in all your results.



Provide laboratories the freedom to do more

Efficient workload management, rapid STAT results, and testing handled with ease.

Architect i1000sr

The ARCHITECT i1000SR immunoassay analyzer meets your laboratory’s high standards by delivering STAT results when you need them.

Architect i2000sr

Advanced technology and flexible protocols built into the ARCHITECT i2000SR enhance workflow and confidence in results.

Architect i4000sr

The ARCHITECT i4000SR is a multi-module system that provides enhanced productivity for laboratories with high-volume immunoassay demands.


Clinical Chemistry

Our extensive assay menu helps physicians make timely, informed decisions throughout the continuum of care.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn how Abbott has helped physicians evaluate suspected mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

Alinity Systems

Discover how Alinity uses powerful technology to help redefine and improve operational productivity and confidence in your laboratory.