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Maintaining the acid-base balance and osmotic pressure of the blood are essential to health.  To diagnose and monitor a variety of pathological conditions, including metabolic or respiratory acidosis and alkalosis, a number of electrolytes, as well as several other metal ions, are measured in serum, plasma and urine. 

For in vitro diagnostic use.


Patient health and well-being is not only dependent on detecting major diseases but also maintaining balance of health and measure of overall patient health and well-being. Some common analytes are frequently ordered on a stat basis because they are critical in diagnosis and treatment. In addition to measurements in blood samples, concentrations of major cation and anion analytes (Na, K, Cl) may also be measured in 24 hour urine samples.

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Acid-Base, Electrolyte & Water Abnormalities
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Cl (Chloride)
K (Potassium)
Na (Sodium)

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